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Friday, October 27, 2023

Thursday ended much better than it began. I was really dragging the first part of the day, my best bet being my AFib was acting up. However, I got rejuvenated, I think in part to the fact that friends from our cruise Tina and Steve came to visit. After aperitivo in our apartment, three of us went to a great dinner at Gratella. When we left the restaurant, there was a line of about 40 people. Few tourists eat there.

Many people do not know there are several grades of Florentine steak. We see 28th 35 euros, the meat is not even close to the best available. Antonio, the owner could not have been more accommodating. He cooked both my tagliata and roasted potatoes totally without salt. We have been here a week now, and last night was the first time I actually ate anywhere close to normal.

It was a really comfortable evening. Steve and Tina are really both smart, very successful and have a very strong marriage. They are married about 32 years and have worked things out. They are both sports and I had a really good time.


It took the better part of two hours with daughter Beth on the phone, but I was finally able to download our Dolphin tickets for the game in Frankfurt.


Yesterday, while in the Central Market, I went to visit my friend the German lady who makes great homemade German dishes, great goulash and several other dishes including several soups. Her grill is generally full of great frankfurters, but yesterday it was empty. She told me it would be two more weeks until the frankfurters arrived from Germany. When I asked her why she did not buy frankfurters from the many places selling them just in the market, she said there was a decent frankfurter in Italy. Apparently “frankfurter” is a generic name and nothing available locally was even close to the quality I will find when I get to Frankfurt. I knew the ingredients differed, but I had no idea of the huge discrepancy I may find out next week,


Today we have Robin Boies for early lunch. Tomorrow we have a concert, and Sunday brunch and at night, hopefully, a sports bar which shows the Dolphin game.


The Senate appears to be finally getting serious about neutralizing Turberville’s blockade of military promotions. It would require 60 votes, not a gimme, and first clearing the Rules Commitee. Keep your fingers crossed that a way is found to bury Tuberville at least for now.


Why is Dean Phillips wasting his time and effort running against Biden?


Trump is still not in the clear in Colorado with respect to his being disqualified from being on the ballot. To say this man is up to his ass in litigation is a gross understatement. He is going to need 36 hours in his day just to keep his head above water.


The New Yory Republican delegation is trying to get Santos expelled claiming he is not fit to seve in Congress. They are right, but I would not bet serious money they succeed although I hope they do. Will a Democrat replace him if he is expelled?


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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