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Friday, October 21, 2022

Thursday was a rough day for a lot of well-known people. Great Britain’s new Prime Minister resigned after 44 days. A new Prime Minister is expected within a week, but the pundits are predicting a rough time before things begin to settle down. One reporter just stopped short of saying “the next PM inherits one big pile of manure." ————————- It was not a complete victory for the anti-Lindsey-Graham fans, but once again the 11th Circuit panel with two Trump appointees unanimously ruled Graham has to respond to “most” of what will be asked him pursuant to a Georgia subpoena that Graham has fought tooth and nail.. ————————- Another Trump appointee, the very conservative Amy Coney Barrett, whom I am sure Trump thinks he bought and paid for (and did on some issues) issued a short Order on behalf of SCOTUS refusing to take up a challenge to Biden’s student loan forgiveness program. More challenges are sure to come, but anything out of this Court I agree with is good. —————————- In half an hour, give or take, my long-time assistant Cathy Leo went online and got my Australian Visa for me for our upcoming cruise. If I would have spent an entire day, I do not think I would have gotten that done. ———————— Evidence points to the conclusion, I am going to need a new cell phone due to my present one being out of date. The case broke so I went to the main AT&T store where “everybody gets our best price”. I got laughed at being told they only sold cases for the 13 and 14 model and I had an 8. Guess I am more than a little behind the times.

Found a case at WalMart which I go to only when desperate. It is tough to find anyone who is knowledgeable about the merchandise they are selling and checking out is often an adventure I prefer to skip. However, my salesperson, who knew almost nothing about what he was selling, did allow me to pay him, so I neither had to stand in an hour line nor spend an hour trying to figure out how to self check out. —————————- Tough loss for the Yankees, who now leave Houston down two games. One bad pitch is all it took. ——————————- An oath means nothing to Donald Trump. He signs documents saying under oath that something is true, while knowing it is not. Looks like he is also exempt from the law of perjury. ——————————- Today is my annual debut at Joe’s. Try to get there on Fridays for lunch! There used to be more judges there than in the courthouse, but no more.

I haven’t yet decided what to hock to pay for lunch. What is certain is that I will pay because each of the two others having lunch with me, a son and a grandson, are having birthdays this week. —————————— I like George Clooney. I loved his Aunt Rosemary. What I cannot figure out is why every single day these is a story on the Internet about him, his Wife, or his relationship with Julia Roberts.

The media needs to pay more attention to Kanye West’s anti-semitism and less to Clooney’s social life. —————————— Going to Dolphins game Sunday night. Hear Tua is playing. His offensive line better protect him because his life may depend upon it. If he were my son, I would scared to death. —————————— We all need to take action against the blatant anti-semitism of this West person whom I know next to nothing about except that he is very popular and very rich and very anti-Semitic and he appears to be getting away with it. This is a very, very bad trend and another issue that requires serious attention.

I do know we need to boycott Adidas. They are “looking into it” but what more do they need to know? Then again, Adidas is not a company friendly to Jews. ————————— Got up before 5:30 a.m. to finish writing this and the energizer bunny was already downstairs. I do not smell any beef Wellington or baked Alaska so I know she is already working trying to save our democracy.

Whet is truly frightening to me are the polls that point to to the fact that a very small percentage of those polled are really concerned about our democracy. The price of gas and groceries is far more important. The thing is that, compared to most of the rest of the world, we are in good shape—-not perfect but good and getting better, this is not the time to change horses. Keep in mind that Trump intentionally left Biden with as many problems as he could.

All I can hope for is that the Country wake up and be like Kansas. Otherwise, it will be ugly for all but a few, and if you are not a white, Christian, heterosexual, conservative male, it ain’t goin’a be you or me or your kids and grandkids. ———————————- Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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