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Friday, October 15, 2022

I did not see the entire January 6 hearing yesterday. However, from what I did see the following question continued to come to my mind: Should Donald Trump be in prison or in a mental ward? Compelling arguments can be made that the right answer is “both”.

I also am mystified as to why Pence has not simply buried Trump. I am not a fan of Pence but in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. '

The big news, in the opinion of the media talking heads, is the decision to subpoena Trump. Whether he testifies or not, he will either lie and/or invoke his 5th Amendment privileges.

Why not subpoena Pence?

Nancy Pelosi is my hero.


The Supreme Court turned down Trump’s emergency appeal yesterday. It was not a good day for Trump and deservedly so. Any thought I had about letting Trump “walk” in exchange for leaving public life has totally dissipated. My strong opinion is that anything that can be done to punish Trump should, really must, be done. If it is not, our legal system becomes a mockery.


There is the following very old joke: the Mother Superior of a particular convent says to the assembled nuns “ I am here to report that we have a case of gonorhea”. One nun raises her hand and says “Good, I’m tired of drinking the Chardonnay”.

I told that story because on Monday night at Birdland. The people sitting next to us tried to order a bottle of Chardonnay and were told it was sold out. Yesterday, Barbara and I went to Costco to buy, among other things, some Chardonnay. They too were totally out of anything even half drinkable. We then went to Total Wines and found something that was acceptable, but they too were sold out of both Cakebread and Kisler, two of the better Chardonnays, particularly for the price.I did not get to the venereal disease section of wither store.


Taking most of today to help on personal matters. The fresh orange juice machine at Whole Foods has been broken so going to try again. Have to go to bank, pharmacy, Market Place and office to take in some things and pick up other things and otherwise get ready for Granddaughter’s bat mitzvah. Tonight, after services, we will be hosting at our house anyone family and other gluttons for punishment who choose to go to Temple tonight.


Very exciting other “Granddaughter news" yesterday. Remember my telling you about Granddaughter Alanna who very quickly got accepted into a great nursing program? She was then invited to apply to the Honor’s Program. She filed her application about a week ago and yesterday was accepted into Honors, which has huge advantages. Those advantages include, but are not limited to special dorms, smaller classes and automatic acceptance into subsequent programs to which others have to apply. Yeah!


I have always had huge respect for Harvard Constitutional scholar Professor Laurence Tribe. I loved what he said last night on one of the talk shows to the effect that yesterday Donald Trump had a very bad legal day with many more to come, and that “Today, he lost 18-0. He lost 9 to 0 in the Supreme Court and he lost 9 to 0 before the January 6 Committee."


Before any of you vote for those on the ballot who are still embracing the Big Lie, please take a look at the facts as they have developed. Trump lost, he knew he lost, and admitted it but still refused and still refuses to acknowledge it. He has been willing to bring down our entire Democracy and how any American can vote for him and vote for those who support him is a total mystery to me. I just cannot wrap my brain around these things or the fact that the Republicans are still favored to win control of the House. There will be chaos if that happens.


Go Ukraine and Democrats and vote as if your life and our Democracy depended upon it.

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