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Friday, November 18, 2022

Big news for me is that Nancy Pelosi is stepping down from a leadership role. From her perspective, the decision is probably best. There are no more mountains for her to climb. Whether you agree with her politics or not, she is one of the best politicians in our history. Her Husband needs her and, particularly at this point in her life, why would she want to deal with the crazies across the aisle? Nonetheless, filling her shoes is probably and impossible task.

Pelosi’s likely successor is Hakeem Jeffries. I have met him only once but liked him. ———————————- I keep reading how disappointed the Republicans are because their chances of impeaching Biden have lessened. How absurd is it that this is the issue on which the Republicans are focused? What about inflation and all the other issues we heard about leading up to the election?

The Republicans also cannot wait to go after Hunter Biden. What assholes.

Keep in mind that the Democrats still will control the Senate so no impeachment from the House will go anywhere. ———————————— Aaron Judge is the American League MVP. Is anyone surprised? I want him to stay with the Yankees.

Meanwhile Paul Goldschmidt was MVP in the National League. Here is a great ball player who stays completely under the radar. One reads practically nothing about him. He just quietly. Is the best all-around player in the league. ——————————— We had company last night. Just a few people but it was very nice. Pat and Dick helped a lot. They left to fly back to Florida earlier this morning and daughter Beth arrives with her family later today. That is all the guests we are expecting during this stay in Florence. ——————————— The Supreme Court is sitting on the issue of whether the January 6 Committee gets Trump’s tax returns. Whoever chairs the House Ways and Means Committee, that Republican will no longer seek the returns and Trump will, once again, have escaped? Does the Supreme Court dare not ruling? If that happens, the Court will have lost whatever integrity still remains, and that is not much. ———————————— Thanks to my reader, friend and colleague Bernie Friedman, who knows people in high places, my issue with Seabourn has been completely resolved to my satisfaction. Thank you, Bernie. ——————————— There is some exhibition in France that Barbara and Stefano think is great and Barbara asked if I would go. I cannot see any reasonable way to decline when I know she wants to go more than I do not want to go, and she does so many things I want to do that she would prefer not to. If I have learned anything as a practicing lawyer for about 56 years, it is to recognize the merit of everyone’s respective opinions. If the dates and other arrangements can be worked out, I will go and with a smile.

It used to be that I was always happy going to France if for no other reasons than the chacroute and the butter, but the former is now totally forbidden and the latter close to it. ——————————- It is more than time to bring indictments against Trump. I just cannot believe the Justice Department is taking so long. ——————————- Boebert still has not been declared a winner. May be headed toward a recount. ————————- Meanwhile that dingbat in Arizona Lake refuses to concede. She is the perfect running mate for Trump. That could be the worst slate in the history of our presidency. ——————————— A Federal Judge in Tallahassee entered a 138 page order blocking DeSantis’ anti-woke law in colleges. Of course, De Santis will use Floridian’s money to appeal. ————————— I have yet to eat any pasta, but I did eat risotto at lunch on Tuesday. Also no gelato yet. ————————— Go Ukraine

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