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Friday, November 11, 2022

I am starting this post as we are about to land in Zurich on our way to Florence. So far, so good.

Barbara did her usual great job of packing. We take very few clothes, but many food items. First, and foremost is her dietary staple which is 100 calorie bags of popcorn. If I told you how many were consumed in a day, you would not believe me.

She also brings her own coffee, about which she is very particular. It is Peet’s and very few other coffees are acceptable. Most of the coffee I consume in Italy is in the form of cappuccino which I drink most days while visiting Marco at Sabani Leather where I hang out except on Mondays when he is closed.

Then, we have to bring everything that is needed for the American part of our annual Thanksgiving dinner where we host between 35 and 40 people at Gratella. Barbara has a Thanksgiving dress that she wears only once a year and has done so for at least 20 years. That should tell you all you need to know about how much her weight fluctuates. Mine fluctuates more than that at one meal.

Hopefully, our bags will arrive. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they do not


Some miscellaneous news items of interest.

Both the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service are asking the Supreme. Court to order Trump to turn over his tax returns.

There is still a chance Boebert could lose her House seat. That would a great consolation prize even if the Republicans take control of the House.

From all I can tell,Kevin McCarthy is not a cinch to be Speaker.

Judge Middlebrooks sanctioned the lawyers who represented Trump in his off-the-wall lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and others.

An unbelievable day in the stock market yesterday due to improved inflation numbers.

Biden’s Administration is not getting proper credit for how they have handled the deficit.

I actually kept up with Barbara walking through the airport. It has been years since I could do that.

Zurich Airport works like a good Swiss Watch.

Now on plane to Florence, which looks to be on time.

Colder in Switzerland than I expected.

Almost done with latest Willie Nelson book which I am enjoying immensely. Next up is either a Merle Haggard biography or Volume 1 of a three volume work about the Pacific War in WWII.

Stock market may be up again today. That would be good.

Daughter Beth over at Marco Island with David IV to check out whether the hotel has recovered sufficiently from the hurricane to accommodate the annual Boies/Miller holiday trip. This is something like our 35th year.

Broke my heart not to eat the veal sausage and sauerkraut in the Swiss Air Lounge. Settled for orange juice and cappuccino, which did come with a couple of very good small macaroon type cookies.

I think that is enough for today.

Go Ukraine and go Kelly and Mastro.

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