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Friday, May 6, 2022

Marlins have lost 4 in a row all by 1 run.


The NFL is complaining the Lions did not wait long enough to announce their second pick in the draft. I understand both positions, but I do not understand why the person in charge just did not delay the announcement. I did not watch the draft so maybe the team controls the timing on the Commissioner’s announcement but that would be a difference in format.


Thinking about it, writing about a baseball score and how the draft of a football player was announced is so unimportant, I should probably delete the foregoing. However, I am so disgusted about Roe v Wade and our totally dysfunctional government that it makes me happier not to talk about real issues.


Our Internet and phone system is down. I have cellular data so I am still able to receive and send emails and post. However, Barbara cannot and she is not a happy camper.


Why cannot we get rid of Matt Gaetz? This guy has no socially redeeming value. My sense is that he has a team of advisors whose sole responsibility is to dream the most outlandish things for Gaetz to say, and the most outlandish positions for him to take.

MTG should either adopt him or get divorced and marry him.


I actually feel sorry for Chief Justice Roberts. His title means almost nothing and he is working with four conservative justices who really should not be on the Court.


When the President of the United States even gets a routine checkup, it is news. If he is in the hospital, it is big news, the media is swarming, and spokespeople give frequent press conferences. Appears things are different in Russia.


It is a little past noon in Florence as I write this. Delayed posting for personal reasons, and for the same reasons I am staying home until 4 p.m. This leaves Barbara trying to get around Florence herself. She knows about maps on phones, etc., but her phone is not working.

I gave her directions, simple ones, but whether I see her before the end of today is an even money bet. Her skill set is phenomenal but it does not include a sense of direction.

Before I had my vision corrected by a brilliant eye surgeon, I could not drive. Barbara became my driver. It was then that I realized that her being home when I got there was a miracle. Now she can work all the gizmos and the problem is solved. However, she needs the gizmo.


Finally for today, in the “Sorry I just don’t get it Department”, how can the filibuster be more important than our whole damn democracy?. The answer cannot be it will prevent our elected officials from getting things done. They already are as dysfunctional as any country in the free world.


Go Ukraine

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