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Friday, May 5, 2023

Did not win or come in the money at trivial pursuit, but had, perhaps, our best sea day yesterday. After attending the second of three wine master classes, and doing the normal sea day things we saw “Icarus” which won the Oscar for best documentary.

The Director and co-author Bryan Fogel is on board. He is a brilliant, very nice, man who took about an hour of questions after the screening. All in all, it was a terrific experience.

Met Bill, Connie Andy and Alicia for a drink and then joined them for dinner. Barbara passed on everything after the movie.


Today is the Coronation and since our Cruise Director is British, there are lot of festivities on board and even trivial pursuit is cancelled.

We are also crossing the Equator today which, as seasoned travelers know, is a big deal. Lots of festivities.


Readers liked my musical quiz but one reader did not respond because she went on Google to find the answer. At trivial pursuit, no one is supposed to look at their phones or I Pads. It is easy if you lookup the answer.

So, today, without cheating, give me the phrase that follows and tell me the song and who wrote it.

1. Fools give you reasons…….

2. If you asked me……….

3. I’ve got the horse right here…

4. If I’m not near the girl I love………

5. Like the beat beat beat on the tom - tom……

6. I never had the least notion…..

7. Don’t know why…..

8. Someday, maybe….

9. They never did seem to mind at all….

10. An almost perfect beau…….


Due to some work and some luck, but managed to find a driver and guide for our Sunday visit to Benin. It was not easy.


Marlins just hapless against the Braves. ————————

See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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