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Friday, May 27, 2022

One of the things that strikes me as I read varying opinions on the school massacres/gun control/"gun issue” is the outrageousness of some of the thoughts floated for consideration. Of course, there are different levels of intelligence, generally, and with respect to specific issues, but still I have had a wake-up call over the last 48 or so hours realizing how, in my view, off the wall many people are.

My Father once said to me, ”Jimmy, it is better to be quiet and let them think you are stupid than talk and prove it". Things are being written that are so meritless that I am visualizing that there must be a “let me prove how ignorant I am” contest. I see people jumping up and down, mostly wearing red hats, waving their arms and shouting “my turn, my turn, I have the dumbest idea of all”.

Another thought that continues to recur is the unwillingness of way too many people to recognize that there are almost 200 countries in the world. There are guns in every country. There are schools and children everywhere.

Now, I recognize that there are many countries that are so different, culturally, economically etc. etc that they cannot be evaluated to see how they handle guns. However, there are dozens of places so similar to the Disunited States that can be used for comparison.

Florida copies Texas’s abortion law tweaking it, Oklahoma went even further, but you can bet your last white supremacist, anti-gay, pro-Putin bigoted dollar that the drafters of each bill looked at what others did. Reinventing the wheel is not a necessary thing to do, but we are doing it now with guns.

Why? Why will we not look at Great Britain, Canada, Scotland Australia, and every Western European country and do what they have done. The problem in our country is the absolute worst in the world given all the circumstances. How can Americans be proud of that? The Republicans truly have become clowns

And as a postscript to this little rant, how do Republican Senators with kids still in school answer questions from their children like, “Mommy/Daddy are you helping to make it safe for us to go to school?” Or ”How did that crazy boy who killed everyone get his guns?”

Just asking for a friend.


Yesterday Gianni, still the best driver I have ever seen at 87, took us around Florence in his Mercedes Sedan. The back could accommodate me with my brace and Barbara sat in front. The traffic is impossible, and from hour to hour different streets close. Places that we could walk to in five minutes took thirty minutes to drive to. We even got to rub the nose of the boar, a Florence tradition/superstition which brings good luck and guarantees one return to Florence.

We then met Stefano and Luca for a wonderful late lunch at Gratella. We have our Thanksgiving party at their place and it is the place we eat most often in Florence.


Wednesday afternoon we had a wonderful surprise visit from our dear friend Igor. He is married to Jeff Thickman, a member of my Foundation Board. This is one extraordinary couple. Igor, Ukrainian by birth, is now retired as the principal violist of the Symphony, but still plays and is leading what many consider the finest Klezmer band in the world.

Jeff is a world-renowned cook with a phenomenal cooking school in Florence. Previously he was a concert pianist and taught musicology.

Each speaks multiple languages fluently, including Russian, French, Italian and English. Jeff is American and Igor, a graduate of Curtis, is about to become American.

Igor was playing concerts in Russia two weeks before the war broke out. His view is that the Ukrainians will never ever surrender.


The wheels of Justice grind slowly. Many of us are frustrated with Garland and others. We want action.

I am seeing signs in Washington and in Georgia that, although much slower than many prefer, important progress is being made. Trump continues to receive adverse decisions. Hopefully, they will add up and justice will prevail.

I once left the courtroom, called my client, the husband, and said “justice prevailed”. He responded “appeal immediately”,


Finish dental work today but first will make a cameo appearance at Board meeting of Teatro Pergola on which Barbara and I both sit.


Go Ukraine.

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