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Friday, May 19, 2023

Looks like Elizabeth Holmes is finally going to prison. She and her lawyers sure did a great job keeping her out. From behind bars for as long as possible and then some. ————————— Third in trivial pursuit. I helped out with two answers that put us in the money. Caught up with a few people I had not seen for a few days. One changed cabins but no one knew.

Some of the top people from Seabourn are on the ship. I have a number of points I would like to discuss but the end of the line to speak to them, borrowing from an old joke, is in Cheyenne, Wyoming. ———————— Went to a very nice cocktail party and then had a nice dinner in the main dining room with a couple we like very much. Ate more calories than I have the past three weeks combined. This morning I meet one on one with the new President of Seabourn. Today is another sea day which is fine. Barbara still not 100% and is facing the daunting task of packing . Lost another hour last night. This vacation has been educational, a great experience, but exhausting.

I see Jim Brown died. He was one of the greatest football players to ever play the game. He was 87. I used to think that was a ripe old age “I’ll take it”. I have changed my mind. ———————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ————————— Go Ukraine

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