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Friday, March 31, 2023

A part of old Fort Lauderdale, one of my favorite people, is in hospice. Norman Kent, a great baseball fan, but even a greater guy. There was a time when The Floridian on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, was the very best place to have breakfast. The food and service were always very good, but what made the place great was how much fun and how much could be learned and accomplished just hanging out there. A large, a very large reason for all of this was Norman’s daily presence. He held court at the Floridian and I always tried to show up before going to motion calendar or other morning hearings. That is where I met my client to go over last minute details and I tried always to share a few thoughts with Norman. We were very different but we also were very much the same. We respected one another’s lifestyle and views. It was and still is close to impossible not to like Norman Kent. Barbara and I wish him everything. I guess it is too late to just say “we wish him well” because, obviously, he is not well.


Bet everyone thought the lead story would be Trump’s indictment and the Florida Governor’s refusing to cooperate in any extradition. The latter is a grandstand play because Trump would be a total fool not to surrender himself. Further, the U.S Constitution requires that DeSantis cooperate. For me, personally, what the sequence of this post made me realize is that, as much as I think Trump belongs behind bars and as much as I dislike and disrespect Trump more than any President in history, I care more about a friend in deep trouble, unlikely to recover, than I do the possible downfall of a man who, in my view, deserves everything bad.

Everyone, including people who should know better, has an opinion as to whether this indictment is, for lack of a better term, “appropriate” wow! No one I have heard with an opinion, knows what is in the indictment. Maybe, not necessarily, in this day and age, the facts should be at least somewhat relevant. So, before jumping to conclusions that can be no more than speculation

The following needs to be considered. Many more Republicans than one might think are happy about Trump’s growing legal troubles. However, they cannot express that feeling without losing the Trump base which they need even if Trump does not win the nomination. Why carry a pail of manure if someone will do it for you?


I have made a decision that, for the next two or three years, assuming my mind continues to be functioning, I believe, as well as it ever did, that I will make it a priority to practice law. I do not want to retire and I will make work more important than leisure for at least a majority of the time. I do not expect to bill 2,000 hours a year I will aim for about 1,000 hours and if a big case comes along, deal with it at the time. I have lots of support.


Started new round of trivial pursuit. Did not win yesterday but some good questions. Guessed Socrates when it was Aristotle, but that should have been close enough. Have same team except for one player.


Visiting Seychelles for first time. Need some suggestions as to what to do keeping in mind I am barely water safe.


Had a really nice evening with friends Leo and Janice. Leo is a retired Federal Magistrate and Janice, is, in a nutshell, just about everything a person can be. It is hard to find a single person who can do as many things as well as she.


See Marlins have started off where they left off——-losing.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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