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Friday, March 3, 2023

Well, when I last posted, I wrote I saw not reason to leave the ship to take a glass bottom boat ride, feed the dolphins or snorkel. We were going because Barbara said we were going. Then, when we got up yesterday morning, Barbara said she did not want to go so guess what? We did not go.

I did go to the gym for the first time in a while and handled 30 minutes on the treadmill better than I thought I would.

Finished Baldacci’s latest Memory Man book and was sad when I did. I loved the book. Thought it one of his best and I have read them all.

Had a pleasant lunch on the pool deck with Tina and Steve. Barbara even joined us for a bit to visit but did not eat a bite. SURPRISE!

My Friday is not yet over as I write this, but I have my fingers crossed that no one I know dies. Two days ago, a former President of The Florida Bar, Terry Russell died and yesterday Steve Goldenberg Judge Renee Goldenberg’s Husband died. Both had fought valiant battles, but this is not fun.

I also learned a few days ago that one of my all time favorite clients, a truly terrific guy Glenn King Parker had died and I did not know about it. I loved spending time with him and his wife Sandy, but Barbara’s reluctance to eat big dinners caused us to lose track of him. Glenn was a truly accomplished man in multiple fields and was head of the Chaine. He made his mark by revolutionizing the investment advisory newsletter business. His divorce trial was the longest of my career spanning over five weeks before Judge Cail Lee.

I got a great result but the great Judge Lee, despite the best accounting experts testifying on my behalf, could not grasp that the vast amount of monies held by my client for prepaid subscriptions was not his money. The profit was his but not every dollar. When any of us put money in the bank, it is not the bank’s money.


It took just short of two months on the ship, but yesterday we finally got our Alexa to work. Among other things, I can now listen to great music inn our cabin anytime I wish.


Barbara and I are both looking forward to spending today in Brisbane. It is really a terrific city. My wife finally gets the culture she has been craving, which means a visit to at least two museums. She is throwing me a bone, or more accurately a Peking Duck by allowing me to book lunch is Brisbane’s best Chinese restaurant. They have promised me some low sodium dishes.

After Brisbane, we have a sea day, and, then two days in Sydney which we love. Many passengers, over 100 end their cruise in Sydney. Not sure how many new people getting on. There are several couples getting off that we wish were not.


A very nice show at 6 p.m. by the pool. I have still not changed my mind that our Cruise Director Ross Roberts has been the best talent on the ship. He interprets a lyric as well as the top singers around.


The President of Seabourn Josh Leibowitz from Hollywood, Florida has resigned. The new President is a woman with a good reputation. The crew I have spoken to is playing it very close to the vest. Some think the real story will ever be known, but I am with Ben Franklin. “Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead”.


The House Ethics Committee has started its investigation of George Santos. Does anyone really think McCarthy would appoint any Committee that would actually do what should be done which is to throw the book at him. Romney was right. Santos has no business being in any public office.


I have an intense dislike for Florida Senator Rick Scott. I disliked him when he was Governor and I dislike him even more now. However, I never thought he was stupid or politically unsavvy until now. His picking fights with Mitch McConnell is dumber than whale shit. I am not a McConnell fan either but no one in his or her right mind should dispute he is a master tactician and Scott is way, way out of his league.


Hear Biden may be going to Ohio after all. Good, but going to Ukraine first better and smarter.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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