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Friday, March 25, 2022

Hard to believe the Russia-Ukraine war is entering its second month. Great Britain is imposing more economic sanctions, but has admitted it has already been too late on some.


Talk about absurd. Trump has just sued Hillary Clinton accusing her of conspiring with dozens of others to topple his presidency. It is a108 page complaint filed in federal district court in Fort Pierce, Florida. I would be amazed if this case were not thrown out and sanctions granted against Trump and the lawyers irresponsible enough to file this garbage. State courts are one thing. Many allow all kinds of crazy cases, but federal courts are a whole other ballgame. Wow!


Again, Biden is doing enormously well here in Europe. If he got half the credit at home that he is getting in Europe, the Democrats would win in a landslide.


How is this for a reason to hate Kevin McCarthy? He is out very actively campaigning against Liz Cheney but doing nothing to oust MTG or Paul Gosar, neither of whom should ever hold any public office.


We really have to do something about both Clarence Thomas and his Wife. Ginni Thomas, without doubt, is a threat not only to the Supreme Court but to our democracy. She is a vocal right-wing activist who affirmatively tried to overthrow the 2020 presidential election. This is a situation that must be addressed immediately.


Mc Connell will not support Judge Jackson’s confirmation. Shame on him and shame on all the other Republicans who conducted a three ring circus instead of a real confirmation hearing where the merits of Judge Jackson were first and foremost.


Unfortunately Michigan could not beat Villanova. Still, it was a great tournament for the Wolverines. It was a 2 seed against an 11th, so Michigan has nothing to be embarrassed about.


Go Ukraine!

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