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Friday, March 18, 2022

Herschel Walker, running for the United States Senate, has questioned evolution. Another Republican genius from Georgia.


Not sure about anyone else, and I expect when I calm down, I will change my views. However, when I read about the dead children in Ukraine who were intentionally targeted, and saw the mass grave dug to bury them, my first thought is that we should just wipe Russia off the face of the earth.

At the very least, we need to get Ukraine the fighter nets it needs, and we need to do it right now. In retrospect, it should have been done before the war even broke out. However, what about Ukraine’s leadership? It can be a surprise to Ukraine that they were not properly armed.


Biden is conferring regularly with the heads of all the NATO countries and many others. Today, he is scheduled to talk to the President of China. These calls are not like calling for dinner reservations. There is a tremendous amount of thought and preparation that goes into each of these calls. Numerous advisors assist the President, who needs to grasp complex and often conflicting facts and advice. The buck stops with him, but what comes out of the bottom of a funnel is a function of what goes into the funnel at the top.

I know Trump had trouble focusing for long periods of time, could not process difficult issues, thought he knew more than his advisors and was waiting for the comic book version of his daily briefs. The real question, however, is how he could have handled all of this while on the golf course.


Putin is a war criminal. That is virtually a unanimous opinion except to people like Tucker Carlson, who either cannot connect the dots, or thinks “Hey, Hitler and Himmler and the other Nazis who killed six million Jews, never did anything to me.”

Think about it all you Republican Putin lover assholes. And where are you Republicans that are more rational? Guess you are still worried about offending Trump and his white supremacist supporters. My word: these people are disgusting.


Russia made its $117 million payment in dollars choosing not to default.

Our House, with only 8 Republican tight wing nuts, all Trump supporters, voted to suspend all trade relations with Russia. Remember these names: Biggs of Arizona, Bishop of North Carolina, Bieber of Colorado, Gaetz of Florida, Greene of Georgia, Grothman of Wisconsin, Massie of Kentucky, and Roy of Texas. These people need to be be punished.

Although China has not come over to our side, it has refused to totally align itself with Russia. High level talks with China have been going on in Rome, and, as indicated above, today our President talks with China’s President.


Were it not for the war, this would be huge news. Apparently, it was the White House itself that created the Big Lie, and the work began even before the election. I am sure we will hear much more about this at some point.


The futures are down as of now after a third consecutive up day in the market. I am paying less and less attention to the futures, as, with all that is going on in the world, the market can turn radically several times in one trading day.


Two other observations about how the war has pushed just about everything else into a footnote on the proverbial back page. Yesterday was the quietest St. Patrick’s Day I can recall.

The biggest basketball tournament we have is underway. Michigan, who I am surprised even got to play, even won its first game.


We leave later today for Italy. Flying Swiss Air through Zurich. Hopefully, we will have an easy trip. The over/under on how long it will take me to put on my compression socks is two hours and three broken nails.


Have a nice day and root for Ukraine, Biden, and his talk with China and fighter jets.

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