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Friday, March 17, 2023

A month or so ago, I told a story about how my Father handled one of his salesman who dressed sloppily. He bought him beautiful shirts rather than punishing him. It was a brilliant solution.

Well, the Ukraine has invited DeSantis, who thinks Ukraine’s survival is not a priority, to visit Ukraine. This is a brilliant move by Zelenskyy and puts DeSantis somewhere between a rock and a hard place.

Does DeSantis decline which sends the subliminal message “I am not interested in learning anymore than I already know” or maybe, “I want to stay ignorant”. Or does he go, and risk having to change his position once he is educated?

In my view, because I am totally anti DeSantis, I want him to prove he is the schmuck I assess him to be, by declining. He is a horse one cannot even lead to water.


Had a nice time in Albany. Went to get World War 1 museum. Learned a lot about the role of the Australia and New Zealand. Everything about the museum was nice. Admission pretty steep at $25 per person. Lots of the museums in Australia have no admission price

Went into a really nice bar lunch. Not much for my Wife but a good hamburger and great beer on tap.

Went into a local grocery store. Also found a very nice shop selling, among other things, hand made wooden dishes, coasters etc... and bought a gift for our friends in Perth who are hosting us for two days.

There was another 6:15 show that was really entertaining. In honor of St Patrick’s Day, four Irish tenors sang Irish music. They all had beautiful voices and had a large appreciative audience.

Just had dessert in the cabin and then went to the St Patrick’s Day party which was moved from the outdoor patio inside due to rain. I hated every minute of it. Some may think what the band played was music. I think it was one hour of total garbage. It certainly was not Irish music. Oh well, that is why there are so many flavors in the ice cream store. Barbara says people were having a good time jumping around—I mean dancing. I think it was a bunch of old people who should know better than making fools of themselves.


The really good news is that the 11th Circuit handed DeSantis a resounding defeat on the issue of free speech. The Governor of Florida is totally out of control.


I keep hearing indictments against Trump are imminent. They are long overdue. Georgia should have indicted him a long time ago. How can the evidence be any stronger. Forget that Trump is a former President. He broke the law big time and that should be the end of the story.


Today is another sea day


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.

Go Ukraine

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