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Friday, June 9, 2023

“A disgusting act of election interference” is how Trump describes his indictment for what is, essentially, treason. Meanwhile, although it is still too early to have many meaningful comments, I do have a few preliminary things to say:

I know the Southern District of Florida very well. This is a very sophisticated group of judges extremely well-seasoned in criminal matters. Some of the most complex criminal proceedings in the country have been handled in the courthouse. Trump is not in Podunk here, and the Judges who sit in this court will not tolerate any shenanigans from anyone. There are a lot of Local Rules. The lawyers better learn them, and follow them to the letter or they will get their asses handed to them. The Clerks are first rate and if Trump or his lawyers try to get cute, they will be sanctioned and not lightly.

Many years aga a seasoned lawyer said to a judge something like “you’re a few french fries short of a happy meal” and he got slaughtered.

Next, can you understand why anyone with even half a brain would help fund a billionaire’s defense fund for any cause, but for treason? If I could draw, I think I would win a prize showing two beggars sitting side by side with large sombreros in front of them. One had a sign “give to cure pediatric cancer” and the other had a sign “give to fund billionaire Trump’s treason defense fund”. The first sombrero would be empty and the second filled to the top with large bills.

I just heard that, at least initially, Judge Cannon is handling the case. All my comments above may well be totally wrong I would like to think she learned her lesson the last time, but I have serious doubts.

Within hours after the indictment, two of Trump’s top lawyers quit. I am not surprised. Trump does about everything wrong a criminal defendant can do.

My first reading of the indictment leads me to believe that Mr. Trump is in deep shit.

I would love to take another world cruise. Please send all donations to my office. Cash is preferred so I can pretend to be an Italian limo driver.


Great watch repair man fixed my good watch in less than a week for 100 euros. Was afraid it would have to go back to Piaget. Even though we think Florence is safe, he cautioned me to keep watch covered up when walking around.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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