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Friday, June 30, 2023

Forgiveness of student loans held unconstitutional by SCOTUS. This is probably the right legal decision, but the wrong result. Yes, it is unfair to some, but is not the objective to stop the unfairness and improve things?

The LGBTQ decision troubles me much more because it demonstrates that our Supreme Court, to be blunt, has a majority of conservative bigots who support a white, Christian heterosexual country.

Query: if this “Christian” lady has the right not to build a website for a transgender person, what if this bigot were a nurse in intensive care, and the patient were transgender, does the nurse have the right to say “die, because I am not turning on your oxygen”?


I would like our elected politicians in Washington and throughout the country to spend at least half their time and effort trying to solve our problems. Then, they still have half their time trying to get even for real,or imagined grievances and to try to enhance their own power and net worth. Oh! If they spend half their time governing, they should be paid half their salary and benefits. I have not yet figured out what to do about the enormous waste of taxpayer’s money being spent on non governance matters.


DeSantis has signed a bill prohibiting cannabis to be given to patients pursuant to doctor’s orders. How the f—k can he do that ? My word!


And no more permanent alimony in Florida. How the f—k can he do that? Unfortunately, this one is constitutional, stupid and unfair but constitutional.

If not old with all my children and grandchildren in Florida just a few miles from us, I would be out of Florida, probably to Italy.


Turned off television when Braves got their second touchdown ——with the extra points of course.


Lost another fine actor with the death of Alan Arkin.


Hard to believe it is already July 1. Half of 2023 is gone, gone, gone.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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