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Friday, June 3, 2022

Well it did not take long. Turned on television and first thing I saw was “Four Killed in Mass Shooting at Tulsa Hospital." Oklahoma is apparently on a roll. If the new law banning ALL abortions was not enough to keep the attention of the media, this will buy another few days. I took a poll, informal, and the ultra-conservative Governor of Oklahoma is not thought to be directly responsible for these killings.

Learned later the killer was mad at his doctor because he was unhappy about result of surgery. Guess he did not know a good medical malpractice lawyer. Bet this could change some views in the medical profession. ——————- I did watch the women’s semi-finals at the French. The Number 1 seed looks unbeatable. ——————— Whatever happened to “The land of the free and the home of the brave"? It took a long time even after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation for Black people to be, at least on paper, equal. Still, for a time it looked like the United States might actually be what I and most patriotic Americans thought we had. Now we have regressed further than any society of which I am aware in all of history. Our government is not representing us. It is voting against our desires for their own greed and power.

We are not the home of the brave. We are the home of cowards afraid of nonwhite people, not Christians who are different. We are what we are and millions are, apparently, all right with this state of affairs. I am not but it is too late for me to escape. ———————- What I have discovered now that I turned on a television after two and half months, is that most of what is broadcast is “speculation” -- filler, if you will. There is not enough hard news to fill the time and there are not enough issues to have real experts analyze real news.

For example, I loved listening to a general analyze the Ukraine’s battle strategy, and the former Ambassador to Russia talk about what he knows about Putin, and how the media is controlled.

On the other hand, a top executive at Facebook resigned. Numerous alleged pundits were interviewed as to why she resigned. Not one had any facts, and, apparently, no one bothered to ask her. They might as well have interviewed me or my 13-year-old granddaughter. The news was she resigned, and that’s it. ————————- In River Valley, Ohio, the commencement speaker at a high school graduation, some allegedly prominent alumnus, gave an anti-Gay speech. Folks, what I predicted was coming is already on its way -- the loss of personal freedoms is not some futuristic prediction. We are talking now. Further, we are not talking about the Deep South. This happened in Ohio. —————————— Marlins shut out Giants 3 to 0 because our ace Alcantara pitched. Growing up, there was a famous saying because Boston only had two pitchers “Spahn and Sain and pray for rain”. We need a slogan maybe “Alcantara and wait five days”. ———————————- Does any smart individual do more stupid things than Ted Cruz? If he is not already world champion, he is making a serious run at the title. —————————- A very bad decision for the Democrats out of the Florida Supreme Court. The Court is allowing DeSantis to get away with redistricting in a manner that a Federal judge already ruled disenfranchises the Black vote. —————————— Think President Biden’s speech try to get this country to pass laws concerning guns will do any good? I hope so, but I am not betting on it.

My personal view is that the Republicans will do anything, say anything, lie and cheat to slow things down, to get to November. I do not trust any Republican’s word anymore. If it makes anyone feel any better, I feel the same way about Manchin and Sinema. —————————- You all know I paid little attention to the Depp/Heard trial and did not care about the result. However, I do care very much that Heard, who now owes Depp over $10 million, claims she does not have the money to pay what she owes.

I do believe in a justice system that provides access to everyone and a level playing field for everyone. I do not like one bit when I think the legal, process is being abused. Heard’s legal fees were covered, if not entirely, then substantially, by insurance. For her to claim, after using extraordinary judicial resources, that she cannot pay just does not pass my sniff test. —————————- As I send this, Nadal match delayed by rain. —————————- Go Ukraine

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