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Friday, June 24, 2022

Have you ever seen an ad on television called “gratitude, pass it on,” or something like that? Never fails to bring tears to my eyes.


I apologize for not posting. I am handling the trip to Vegas very well in the sense that yesterday I walked everywhere albeit slowly and had about 8000 steps. The issue is that my legs are out of shape. For five weeks, they did nothing. Then, as I improved, I would go out to a fundraiser or to lunch, or to the doctors, but then the next day, I did nothing. I just stayed home and did nothing except exercise for about 20 minutes.

Traveling all day to Vegas, and then doing everything one does upon arrival, followed by an extremely active day yesterday, left me very tired. After dinner we did not even gamble. I was in the room by 11 p.m. which is 2 a.m. EDT and I did not get up until 7 a.m. Vegas time.

I had a lot to tell Barbara and now I am just writing this to tell everyone I am alive and well As I wrote this sentence, I received a text that Roe v Wade was overturned. We knew it was coming, but still this is a devastating decision.

In was 5 to 4 on overturning Roe. It was 6 to 3 in sustaining the Mississippi law. Roberts did not go along with reversing Roe.

Roberts did, however, go along with the gun decision. I have learned that lots of people, millions actually, disagree with me, but I think our country is going in the wrong direction. Even the most Catholic countries in the world have liberalized their abortion laws. We got trouble in River City.


I need to meet two of my children for breakfast and so I am not going to write a lot. I do want to say that now the focus is going to shift to the Congress. Every indication is that the Republicans will take control of the House. I think it is less clear what will happen in the Senate.

What frightens me is that not just that the Republicans, even if it means cheating, with kill the Democrats in November, the Republicans elected, people like Dr Oz and Herschel Walker, have zero credentials to serve. Truly the patients will be in charge of the asylum.


Marlins won sweeping the Rockies. I watched most of the game at the Sport’s Bar in the Venetian.


Market is rebounding this morning but I think it will be quite a while until most people can recoup what they have lost since the beginning of the year .


When I asked daughter Beth what I should write about here, she said, “That I am moving to Italy”. That was tongue-in-cheek given my age, but I think thousands of Americans are starting to look at other countries. The reversal of Roe is just the beginning not the end of the loss of our personal freedoms.


Go Ukraine

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