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Friday, June 2, 2023

The Senate took much less time than I expected to vote to raise the debt ceiling and preventing the first-ever default. The vote was 63-36 so there was a margin of three votes. Of course, winning by one vote is still a win. However, I have extensive comments about what occurred.

I am in Italy, without access to television, because we never watch it here, and I have not yet seen any meaningful analysis from the experts. Thus, the following comments are my visceral reaction to what as occurred.

It is first necessary to back up and take stock of where we were at the beginning because it is crucial to keep in mind that the Republicans controlled the House. Moreover, McCarthy, in order to secure the Speakership had to sell his soul. More the buyers of his soul were not the moderate but the extreme right wing of the Party. Like it or not, these are the facts, and these are the circumstances with Biden faced. One can only play the hand dealt. There is no other option.

So to the Democratic critics of the deal, more about the five jerk Democratic Senators who voted “nay” later, what did you expect Biden to do? He had no magic wand to put the Democrats in control of the House. How can it be reasonable to expect Biden to do anything but make the best deal possible? Does anyone really think it plausible that Biden could cut a deal with McCarthy that had no deficiencies? Give me a goddamn break!

What should be undebatable is that the United States could not default on its debt. This means that Biden had to do whatever was necessary to avoid an economic catastrophe. He had very little, if any, leverage. Should the circumstances have been different? Yes. Was it wrong for the Republicans to held the country hostage and try to destroy many of the good things Biden has done? Yes.

However, this is what happened, and one can only deal with reality, not what reality should be. No one should have to be told by their doctor that they have cancer or some other potentially terminal or maiming disease, but when that occurs, as it does multiple times each day, the situation has to be addressed as it exists.

There is virtually no merit to any criticism of the Bill passed. It had to be done to save our country. The media, and, more importantly, the voters should ask every single Senator and House member, the following question, in substance or in form;

If your voting “nay”, as you did, had been the decisive vote, would you have voted to default?

Anyone who refused to answer or said “yes” should be voted out of office.

I am not a single issue person. I vote for many candidates even though I disagree with them on some issues. However, I do not think I will ever vote for or give even a nickel to anyone who voted “nay”. There are two basic reasons. First, anyone who voted “nay” is really saying “ the particular issue(s) important to me are more important than the overall general welfare of the Country and I am willing to allow a financial catastrophe because I did not get my way”.

Second, anyone who voted “nay” failed to represent the wishes of a majority of their constituents. I am particularly confounded by the facts to both Democratic Senators from Mass voted ‘nay”. That is beyond counter-intuitive. I mean Mass is one of the most iberal states in America. We are not talking about Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina where there are towns with one DNA and you are still brother and sister after being divorced.

The other big mystery is John Fetterman voting “nay”. That makes no sense at all. Further he owed Biden big-time, and his “nay” vote represents disloyalty that I do not abide.

I cannot comment on why the Oregon Senator voted “nay”. Maybe he is smoking too much marijuana.

On the Republican side, all the idiots and highly educated wackos voted “nay”. Cruz, Hawley and Graham know better. Senator Scott from South Carolina is running for President. Lord, help us.

Both Florida Senators are bad people but Rubio is also dumb as a rock. The Alabama Senators probably had no idea what they were voting on. Not sure what Vance’s problem was, but the majority of people in Ohio should be shaking their heads.

Do not know enough to identify the stars in the Senate responsible for passage, but Schumer had to have been one, and, fortunately, McConnell was on the right side. That is a tough duo to beat. Still, the vote should have been unanimous or close to it.


Both of our two Grandson’s got straight A’s. Jaden, at Vassar just finished his sophomore year. Ryan, at Florida State in Honors Program just finished his first year,. Yeah!


Answers to yesterday’s musical quiz.

1 God Bless The Child. Song is synonymous with Billie Holliday but there are actually other great versions. Tony Bennett did a great rendition.

2. Lush Life. A jazz classic written by the great Billy Strayhorn when he was still a teenage. Strayhorn was the force behind much of Duke Ellington’s music but stayed in the background because he was gay at a time when homosexuality was not accepted even among the liberal music community.

3. It’s The Talk of the Town. Loved this song when I was a kid and still love it. I am always surprised when even seasoned piano bar entertainers do not know this son. For those into medleys, this number goes well with That Old Feeling another wonderful song often forgotten.

4. Chattanooga Choo Choo. A million record seller. Put Tex Beneke on the map as a superstar with Glenn Miller’s band.

5. For Me and My Gal. Love this song particularly Gene Kelly’s version with Judy Garland.

6. I Concentrate on You. Talk about standards. This one is in the Hall of Fame. Again, tempo is the key to grabbing all the nuances of this gem.

7. P.S. I Love You. Once you hear Sinatra do this, forget every other recording. As with many of the Chairman’s recordings, he sets the standard.

8. Birth of the Blues. Sammy Davis Jr. owns this song forever. On his fist solo album, I must have listened to this recording about 1000 times. Many versions on YouTube.

9. My Heart Stood Still. A Rogers and Hart classic. Title comes from a taxi ride in Paris where the two almost got into a terrible accident. One turned to the other and said “ we came so close to dying, my heart stood still” or something like that. Other said “remember that phrase, great lyric there”.

10.Anything Goes. One of Porter’s best songs, from one of his best shows. Original made Ethel Merman the biggest star on Broadway.


Pay attention here Justice Thomas. Judge Walker recused himself in cases between DeSantis and Disney because a third cousin owned something like 30 shares of Disney stock. See any relevance?


Am going to post this early, because long enough and I do not want to risk losing it.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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