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Friday, June 17, 2022

I watched the House Committee Hearing on the storming of the Capitol on January 6. Those who do not look at Trump through rose-colored glasses have known for a long time that he is a petulant, unprincipled liar.

It was made clear a long time ago that these really irrefutable facts are just the man child acting out and that it does not matter. How can any patriotic American still accept someone, be willing to vote for someone, who clearly tried to overthrow the government and even kill his own Vice President?

How can there be testimony more damning than that of Judge Luttig, a really conservative judge, testifying under oath that Donald J. Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States? This is a former circuit court of appeals judge so conservative that he was strongly considered for the seat Alito got on the Supreme Court.

If you take the time to carefully read the statement Judge Luttig made prior to his testimony, he lays it all out. Trump tried and is still trying to destroy our democracy and it is time for the Republicans to stand up to Trump.

I can only conclude that millions of people are either morons and/or do not care enough to stop what is total madness. How can you not understand how close we came to a revolution.

There is no question that Trump knew the election was valid and that Pence could not constitutionally do what Trump was asking him to do.

People, there was a lynch mob outside the Capitol ready to hang Pence and Pelosi. Come on everyone. There has to be a time when you say, "I wish it were different, but I can no longer totally disregard the rule of law. I can no longer support a lunatic and vote Republican."


I will take a little bow for predicting that things can change once people are put under oath and the sun shines directly on them. All of a sudden, it is not as easy to lie.


Although it will not happen, I personally would like to start hearing about prosecuting Trump himself. I understand imprisoning a Former President would be an unprecedented move, but what Trump did and is still doing is totally unprecedented.


It became apparent to me yesterday that not everyone knows that coming Monday is a Federal holiday and about everything will be closed including the banks. If you need to conduct any important business, it needs to be done today or wait until Tuesday. I think some banks operate on Saturday, providing at least partial service.

With respect to dealing with banks, here is a little “hot tip” you might want to keep in mind. It deals with wiring funds on Fridays. I am sure banks will deny my allegations, but I standby my position that if you are wiring funds on a Friday, better do it very, very early like at the break of dawn.

My experience, and I am talking about my repeated experience, is that funds not wired early on Fridays are somehow mysteriously delayed and will not go out until Monday. Why?

Because at the end of the week, banks “sweep” and earn interest over the weekend on your money. The interest on say $15,000 I want to wire to Italy is negligible, but if you add up all the wires that are waiting to be sent on a Friday afternoon, the interest comes to a whole slug of money.


I am writing this at about 7 a.m. it is raining very hard and thundering and lightening and very dark outside our house. When my Grandmother Fox would see a day like this, she was almost certain to remark, “It’s a good day for a murder”.


Wednesday I took just under 1500 steps walking for the first time on my bad leg. Yesterday, I had 2785 steps. I am not yet ready for the Olympics but I am trying to do better each day. As Barbara pointed out, she did everything possible to care for me for five weeks when I was essentially bedridden, but now it is up to me. It is not easy for me because I do not like pain.


I went out to dinner last night with son Steven and three grandchildren. Afterwards, we went to Ben & Jerry’s. The people bought two scoops of ice cream in a cup and a cookie. The bill was $30.00. I thought that was a lot.

The one sales person spoke limited English. She could not understand the question “How many calories are in this product?” or the question “Do you have any low-calorie products?” They do not.

Steven picked me up so I did not have to drive. I can drive with no problem but still hard to bend my left leg far enough to get into driver’s seat easily.

Not all the grandchildren drive yet I am pleased to point out that Charles’ two sons are really excellent drivers and Steven’s daughter Harper is doing well, although she has not yet driven on 95. Hell, I do not want to drive on 95.

Maybe I am wrong but it seems to me that there is less and less courtesy on the road. Instead of letting a driver in a lane, other drivers seem to speed up to prevent the other from moving over. Drivers are constantly busting into the high speed lanes, just driving through those rubber barriers. I am afraid to blow my horn lest I get shot.


Go Ukraine

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