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Friday, June 16, 2023

I want to follow up a little on the many comments made about the Judge in the criminal case now pending in Miami, the Southern District of Florida. We know she is a Trump appointee, that she went into the tank for Trump the first time around, that the appellate court ruled the only right thing she did was get up in the morning, and that she has almost no criminal trial experience.

We also know that or think we know that when a new case is filed, it is randomly assigned. This is done to stop “forum shopping”.

What we do not know if how this Judge will react to getting slapped down by the higher court. Will she continue to favor Trump in her rulings or will she say “okay, I paid you back for appointing me, I do not like being ridiculed and I am going to show everyone I can do it right? In other words, she could make sure that this time she plays by the book.

What is ironic is that in sports, in the big events like the World Series, the Final Four, the World Cup, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the NBA Playoffs, the best umpires and referees are chosen and even they make major mistakes. Here we have what many are calling “the trial of the Century” or the like, and it is being overseen by, to be charitable, a novice judge. Should that be?

In a perfect world, the answer is “no” but it is not a perfect world. As always in making any analysis, one has to consider the alternatives. The best solution would be for Judge Cannon to recuse herself and allow the case to go back into the hopper to be randomly assigned to another judge. What, to me, would be a disaster is for the Chief Judge to reassign the case .

In a sense, the term “justice is blind” has to start right here. I would leave Cannon on the case and hope for the best. If she shows favoritism, a motion to recuse can be filed, and appellate remedies sought. I do not like this conclusion, but the alternatives are worse


In my entire life, before Trump started getting sued, politicians stayed out of the judicial system. The Republicans have a huge amount of nerve interfering with court proceedings at anytime. However, it is particularly heinous to do so while the proceedings are ongoing. That is just plain wrong. In fact, there is nor can there be anything right about it.


Getting ready to come back to Florida. Will be a long day, almost 24 hours even if things go as planned, because have a long layover in Zurich. Our plane out of Florence leaves at 6:15 a.m. because next plane to Zurich makes our connect too iffy.


Not surprisingly, Trump is having trouble assembling a legal team. Few lawyers want clients who almost never listen to their advice.


Democrats are unhappy that Biden has directed them to remain silent about Trump’s legal woes. That might change, but for now, on balance, I agree with the President.

Right now, I do not see a path for the Republicans to prevail in 2024. They have too much baggage to pickup enough Independents and suburban voters. The Republican platform, which to the extent there is one, is out of step with the majority of voters.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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