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Friday, July 8, 2022

What is the world coming to when one cannot trust their potato chips? A whole slew of Lay’s has been recalled because they were unsafe to eat. I am sure this news has made your day..


I am unhappy Nadal had to drop out of Wimbledon.


Will be in New York for Marlins v Mets tonight and tomorrow afternoon. Will see great friends Erica Jong and Ken Burrows and, hopefully, David. There are lots of baseball activities planned that we are skipping. There was a time when I would have chosen these kinds of activities over seeing friends. However, as I have grown older, and hopefully more mature, I decided that my close friends, dwindling in number both by normal attrition and (unfortunately) political philosophy, are more important. If I have a chance to spend time with close friends, I try to do so -- particularly if they feed me.

Isn’t “mature” a better word than “old”?


Turned off the Marlins Met game last night when we were down a touchdown and a field goal. 10 to 0 led my brilliant deductive reasoning powers to conclude we would not win last night.


New York will also be sort of my first Olympic tryout to see how my leg is doing. Barbara is reluctant about our upcoming cruise in January if my mobility is limited. Since I will have to be in a coma not to take this cruise, it is my intent to jump over the subway turnstiles and not complain even if my leg feels like it is falling off.


For you cabaret fans, Michael Feinstein has terminated his relationship with 54 Below and is moving to Cafe Carlyle, Bobby Short’s old venue. Very fancy, expensive place, but dinner not bad. My biggest complaint is that the performer rarely does a show that lasts more than an hour and some are less than an hour.

Steve Tyrell plays the room which is a little small for his musicians. Once saw him at Carlyle for an hour at triple or quadruple the price I saw him do a two-hour show at a Los Angeles jazz club.

The Carlyle was perfect for Elaine Stritch, who also lived at the hotel. The Carlyle happens to still be one of the top hotels in New York and great if you do not mind being that far uptown.

If prices are a factor, stay away from upper Madison, home of the $35 small bowl of spaghetti, among other bargains. Don’t get me wrong, it was good spaghetti but in Italy, there is not a man or woman alive who can lift $35 worth of spaghetti..


Woke up this morning, good start, turned on the news and heard former Japanese Prime Minister has been assassinated. Is our lawlessness spreading?


Had a good day in the market yesterday but futures down early this morning.


I looked at the location of our seats for Saturday’s Marlins game in New York. We are barely in the ballpark. Either I buy better seats or forget it and go Birdland for their 5:30 show.


Why did it take Griner until the second day of her trial to plead guilty? Maybe that plea is a predicate to an exchange of prisoners? What do you think? Should an exchange be made?


My instincts are that the January 6 Committee should keep going in the direction they are presently going. How does focus on the extremists group help move the relevant ball down the road?


Go Ukraine, and vote as if your life depends upon it.

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