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Friday, July 7, 2023

Marlins could not sweep Cardinals, but cannot win if get shutout, and 3 to O loses every time .

Phillies tonight and that is baseball for a while. Being taken to airport Saturday 8 a.m. and not a stitch is packed. Thus how long I stay is a question. Ordinarily, I might not go but have two grandchildren accompanying me so unlikely I brush them off notwithstanding there were times they brushed me off.


I have a lot to do today and very ambivalent feelings about it. I thought about writing about them today, but, on balance, I decided it best to reflect further before expressing myself even thought I will be with my best friend David doing my favorite things and with our daughter to whom I speak many times a day, I am leaving Barbara upon whom I am so emotionally dependent. David and I have made this kind of trip three or four times a year literally for decades. For sure, we have not that many more trips and the ones we have will not be as easy. It is complicated.


Marjorie Taylor Greene was voted out of the Freedom Caucus. She was not slimy enough I guess even Himmler had his standards.


Sometimes I turn on Fox News just to see how they are presenting a major story. Yesterday, after watch the replay on the Marlin net of the two run error by the Cardinals allowing the Marlins a miracle win, I tuned in and listened to the Cardinal network. It was like going to a funeral.


It is conceivable that Trump could be the Republican nominee already convicted but not in jail during the appeal He might already be in jail. Either scenario adds a lot more interest in who his running mate would be. How about the warden? Is visualize several hilarious SNL sketches based on this premise.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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