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Friday, July 22, 2022

Off for my annual physical. Could have a problem but nothing major. Will not really know until I see blood tests. ———————. President Biden now has Covid. I do not expect the same kind of theatrics as when Trump got Covid. I do not recall all the details. I think Trump had some kind of parade as he went to the hospital. He also spoke from the window of his hospital room trying to prove how macho he was and how Covid was nothing to worry about. One thing we can never criticize Trump about is doing anything in an understated way. ——————— Bannon put on no defense. Not surprising. Bet the prosecutor who would have cross examined him was disappointed. A whole lot of preparation went down the drain, but as I have said many times to many clients when discussing the huge cost of litigation, “We have to prepare for many battles that may not occur, but if we do not prepare, and they do occur, we lose”. ———————— I ate my Marlins tickets (salt free) for yesterday afternoon. They lost 8 to 0 and have been shutout three games in a row. Holy mackerel! —————————- January 6 Committee:

There will be more hearings in September. Yeah! ++ Good opening by Chairperson Thompson, who was physically absent due to Covid. ++ All the other opening were very effective. ++ Clear Trump never took one step to quell the riot. ++ Amazing no record of what Trump did for several hours ++ I did not like Pottinger saying nice things about Trump, but a bunch of Marines probably liked it. His testimony was not to convince me or those like me. ++ Trump was and still is “one very sick puppy”. He does not deserve to have the stature given to a Former President. Jail is the minimum he deserves. ++ Everybody was varying degrees of impressive. Kinzinger had more than his share. He articulated literally a dozen class A “sound bites”. ++ I hope everyone listened to Cheney’s closing remarks. She was phenomenal. ++ It is crucial to keep in mind that it is the testimony of Republicans, people who were closely affiliated with Trump, that are building this devastating case against him. ——————————— I know all the reasons not to like Liz Cheney, but damn, she is smart and articulate, always well prepared, and the fact that she is almost certain to lose her seat in November is not good.

I know she has more than a full plate, but some woman needs to come forward to organize and energize all women voters to fight for Choice.

Is there anyone out there that comes close to being as good as Cheney? She cannot resign because she would lose her seat on the Commission, but she could redirect her efforts in the months she has remaining. Then, when she loses, Biden can appoint her to a special post he creates that is focused on all the personal freedoms. I dislike many of her conservative views but love her adherence to our Constitution.

And the same goes for Adam Kinzinger. He voluntarily gave up his seat, but we cannot afford to lose him. Both Cheney and Kinzinger are essential to try to save our democracy. —————————— I am beginning to see a little more action out of Barack Obama, but not nearly enough. Both Obamas need to come back from vacation and help try to save our nation. They both could bring needed energy back to the Democratic Party. —————————- Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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