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Friday, July 15, 2022

As I watched President Biden speak from Israel, a number of thoughts occurred to me.

First, I was proud, as an American, that he was representing our country.

Second, the contrast between Biden and Trump was startling. What I observed was a President representing the United States and not touting himself. There was no bragging, no statements of self-interest. This was not an ego trip for Biden as it would have been for Trump.


I listened to a former Oath Keeper. I was amazed by his articulateness. Turns out he just wrote a book. Blew my image of these radicals to smithereens.

The headline referred to this man as a “member” but he called himself an “employee”. Is that a distinction without a difference?


Great! Marlins win in 11 innings. Played mediocre baseball against mediocre team. Need to play much better against Phillies over the weekend.


Donald Trump’s first Wife Ivana has died at just 73. Putting aside that the wrong Trump is no longer with us, as a divorce lawyer, I join many others in wandering why both of Trump’s divorce files have been sealed and none of what occurred in either case has ever come to light.

New York allows the sealing of court files. Had the divorces taken place in Florida, although the files may have been initially sealed, the chances would have been non-trivial that the files could be unsealed.

Further, neither Wife has ever given an interview or in any manner discussed the terms of the settlement. I am sure that part of each deal was the strictest of confidentiality agreements with draconian consequences if breached.

If Ivana has a probatable estate, it is possible that information heretofore never known could come to light. Of course, Donald’s financial circumstances so many years ago are not likely to be particularly elucidating, but one never knows, do one?


The University of Michigan is about to name a new President. I hope they have selected carefully.


Are the Republicans just laughing their asses off nominating Senatorial candidates like Dr. Oz and Hershel Walker? Hopefully, they have snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory.


I still do not see the needed outrage from the women and every other thinking person over the Republicans’ position on abortion. Many are against abortion even to save the mother’s life.


And even more outrageous, despite arresting the rapist, Republicans are denying that the 10- year-old who had to travel to another state for an abortion really had one. The dumbass Republican authorities are investigating the doctor. If I did not hear this stuff myself, I would not believe it.


The Republicans seem to have no problem lying and then lying some more. This guy Paxton in Texas is some piece of work.


Barbara goes to the baseball games with me tonite and Saturday at 4 p.m.


It will be interesting to see how Biden does in Saudi Arabia. I keep hearing allegations that he is too old to be President. Seems to me he is keeping a schedule that would be daunting to a person half his age.


Go Ukraine, and vote as if your life depends upon it.

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Wendy Kranz
Wendy Kranz
Jul 15, 2022

Thanks once again

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