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Friday, July 14, 2023

Okay, he will survive tumbling down two whole flights of stairs, but, after viewing the video, the people at the Atlantis concluded that my friend Gary Silverman is lucky to be alive. He might even get out of the hospital today depending upon the results of an MRI and other tests.


I received some other very sad news late Thursday night. Maybe I am just hoping for a miracle, but I will not report another friend’s death until it actually occurs which could be in next 48 hours.


I have never before left a trip to Vegas or Reno early, but I am coming home one day early on this trip. Despite only one and a half drinks Tuesday, and being very careful with my sodium intake, I have not handled this trip nearly as well as I anticipated. I can have a companion traveling home if I leave early, and I am doing so. I am not happy with myself despite everyone being as nice and solicitous as anyone could be.


I read that many of DeSantis’ big donors have grown so disenchanted with him that they are looking at Senator Scott of South Carolina as a more viable candidate. I find the man totally unimpressive.


Will watch the men’s semi-finals from Wimbledon .


The food at the Atlantis has been surprisingly terrific


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine .

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