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Friday, July 1, 2022

The United States needs two political parties. Today, we have only one.


The Supreme Court is out of control. The climate crisis just got worse because the Court limited the EPA’s ability to regulate power plants. We have taken a big hit in our ability to regulate climate change. The vote was 6 to 3.

In another case, the Supreme Court by 5 to 4 gave the Biden Administration an immigration win. Again Roberts and Kavanaugh sided with the liberal wing.

I am embarrassed about our Supreme Court. It has reached a new low, at least in the modern era.

Certainly, in retrospect, there have been some really horrible decisions in our history. The difference is that those decisions were more consistent with the culture at the time they were decided. Reversing Roe v Wade is out of step with a large majority of the country.

Here is a simplistic presentation of my problem. Up until a few days ago Roe was the law. When the Supreme Court reversed Roe, it said, in essence, the issue of whether abortion should be legal needs to be left to the individual States.

Does that mean the Governor of each State? I do not think so. I think it means the people in each State. Now all these new and very restrictive abortion laws were passed by each State Legislature and signed by the Governor at a time when Roe was still the law. It seems to me that before the law in each State changed, the voters in these States should have a chance to express their views at the ballot box. We know that the majority of people in most States favor some kind of abortion, but that is not how it has ended up.

There ought to be a vote in each State on the abortion issue. At the very least, the people in each State should have a chance to elect a Governor and Legislators that represent their views. Of course, the right thing would have been for SCOTUS to have let Roe v Wade stand.


Biden is finally willing to carve out some exceptions to the filibuster, but the votes are still not there. Manchin and Sinema have to disappear and be replaced by real Democrats.


I have agreed to contribute to a fund to pay expenses for women to have safe abortions if they cannot be safe where they live. I urge everyone to try to help. I have not studied the logistics, but my sense is that one can help in other ways than by writing a check, such as furnishing a room for the patient to stay in, or providing food. Behavioral scientists could counsel patients for free.

On a more macro basis, the point is that we need to go back to a time when we helped others in need. we have strayed from that philosophy. Maybe at least one of the reasons is that it was easier for white Christians to help other white Christians, but heaven forbid you help a black or a brown person or a gay person. Bluntly put, we have way too many shitheads in this country.


Here is an ethical dilemma for my friends who practice medicine. How can they reconcile the new abortion laws with the principles of the Hippocratic Oath? “First do no harm” is a key to practicing good medicine. The doctor knows that a mother’s life is in danger if she carries a baby to full term. How can that doctor, in good conscience, send that patient away because a few assholes sitting on our Supreme Court made a decision that makes absolutely no sense. I repeat, if you do not believe in abortion, it is your CHOICE not to have one.

I think it is inappropriate to name the doctor with whom I posed this issue, but his response is excellent and should be carefully noted. He said he would expect the doctor ensure that the patient receive the appropriate care elsewhere where it is legal.

Attention: the doctor should NOT just send the patient away with, “Sorry, I cannot help”.

Query: how many doctors will do that ?

I think every Governor and every elected politician from a State that bans abortion should be asked, “What would you do if your daughter were pregnant and the doctor said she would die if she did not have an abortion?".

Press them to answer. Further, every editorial board of every newspaper, before it makes any endorsement, should ask the same question to every candidate for political office. —————————

Do you think our Supreme Court Justices listen to the news or read the newspapers?


Ordinarily, I would make a big deal over the seating of our first Black woman Justice. I welcome her, but know the case she will be citing the most is Piss v. Wind.


I just saw that a basketball player I barely know is being paid $110 million for four years. I think that is absurd. Shortly after that, another player signed for $251 million for five years. Give me a f——-g break. Hold the phone: Jokic just signed for $264 million for five years. I think in 100 years, or sooner, people will look at this period in our history and conclude: no wonder they self-destructed.

Pay just a little attention because this is not rocket science. An NBA team has a roster of 15 players but 13 can be active for any game. The average salary, before these obscene contracts was $7.5 million.

These salaries are just part of the expenses incurred by any team. It is clear that no team owner loses money which means the revenues are greater than the costs. What are the sources of the revenues? There are many, including television rights and advertising revenue, but one main source is what the fan pays for tickets, parking, souvenirs, food and beverage

Many are fixated on the cost of a gallon of gasoline. Okay, I get that. But, how much will it cost to park? Last year it was $50. Soon it will be $75 or $100. A beer already, I think, is $18 so will be $25 or more, and you have never lived until you have eaten a $20 hot dog (mustard is thrown in, for now).

The ticket prices vary, of course, but it is not impossible that a family of four could spend $2000 to go to a basketball game. Could be less by some but could be more by more than some.


Go on U Tube and listen to George Carlin talk about abortion and conservatives. I already posted it separately, but it is a must see.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I enjoyed writing it.


Go Ukraine

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