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Friday, January 20, 2023

I haven’t written one of my old fashioned rants for a long time. One would think it is hard to get really pissed off sailing around the world on a luxury cruise. Nonetheless, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has not only got me almost foaming at the mouth, he has made me so upset that, if I thought I could get away with it, I would tell everyone I meet who supports him to go fuck themselves and throw them overboard.

Why? Because if you support a bigot, you are a bigot. There is just no room for you in my life and there should not be room for a bigot in your life. You have every right to different views when it comes to fiscal policy, foreign relations etc. However, in my view and in what should be the view of all Americans, is you have no right to discriminate against another human being because of the color of their skin, their religion, or their sexual preference.

The DeSantis administration has rejected AP Afro American Studies in Florida schools. How can that be justified in this day and age? How can any thinking human being think this is right? If you think it is right, shame on you . Contact me directly if you really want to know how I feel.


I think we are going to have some very rough times in the stock market until such time as we know if McCarthy can keep almost all the House Republicans in line and refuse to pay our debts. Putting the United States in default will not only ruin our economy, but there will be an adverse ripple effect all around the world.

We, who are not ”economic kamikazes” have to hope that when the time is right, enough Republicans are sane enough to vote with the Democrats and vote to lift the debt ceiling.

The market does not like uncertainty, but uncertainty is what is inevitable. I do not see any Republicans coming forward now (or at any time until they absolutely have to) to announce they are voting to lift the debt ceiling. These people have to wait until the last minute.

Maybe they will tell Jeffries and the other Democratic House leadership that they will vote with the Democrats, but those deals have to be secret. If they are divulged, the Republicans willing to switch and vote with the Democrats will be totally ostracized by their fellow Republicans and face horrible pressure. Their lives will be pure hell.

We just have to keep our fingers crossed that when the time comes, McCarthy will not be able to hold every Republican in line. If he can, if the Republicans care so little about our welfare that they are willing to throw us into default, then God help us. My message, for now at least, is not to expect any resolution at any time soon. That could change if there are any moderate Republicans left in the House.


Trump wants the journalists who prematurely leaked the overturn of Roe v Wade put in jail. If I were he, I would not be so quick to recommend that everyone who does something he doesn’t like be incarcerated.


Judge Donald Middlebrooks, an excellent no nonsense Federal Judge I have known for decades, sanctioned Trump and his counsel almost a million dollars for bringing a totally specious lawsuit against Hilary Clinton. Expect an appeal, of course, but it is unlikely the sanction will be overturned.


Yesterday was a very nice sea day and today is another sea day as we head toward Lima. The crew is trying very hard to please everyone. If my sodium intake were not restricted, I would be loving the food much more than I can when food has to be prepared for me without salt. Still, I should never ever complain. There are passengers totally confined to wheel chairs or otherwise much more restricted than I, and they all seem to be having a great time. Several passengers are well into their 90’s and still doing just about everything.


Barbara’s yoga teacher is back so, provided the ship’s internet is working, my Wife will be happy. Just spending an hour and a half in the gym most days is handicapping her Olympic training.


One comment about the passengers on this cruise understanding that it is a mistake to generalize particularly this early in the cruise. Except for the one lady who told me to go fuck myself for asking where she was from, everyone is kind, nice and friendly, but few are really interested in establishing any kind of meaningful even shipboard relationship.

I may be, probably am, overly sensitive, but I sense many are happy to express their opinions but shut off when the other person talks. Remember the Bette Midler movie where she talks about herself for 20 minutes then says, “Enough about me, what do you think about me?” That is the vibe I am getting from many. On the other hand, there are many on the crew I really like, even understanding it’s their job to be nice. Good thing my favorite person is Barbara.


Nothing special planned for today. I'll try to limit my calories in preparation for dinner at Central tomorrow. I'll miss much of the football this weekend but it's our first time in Lima, and since I am no longer even buying green bananas, I cannot assume I will return to Lima.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan..


Go Ukraine.

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