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Friday, February 3, 2023

To say that things are running amuck in the House of Representatives is a gross understatement. The Republicans threw Omar off the Foreign Relations Committee. She is not my favorite Democrat by any means, but I still vehemently disagree with this action.

Voting Omar off an important committee assignment will make her a martyr and give her a bully platform better than any she had before. A hundred years from today, maybe as early as next week, this vote will be forgotten. However, it was dumb, dumb, dumb to do it.

The Republicans also are gun crazy. Soon they will be carrying guns into the House. Next Tuesday, the President gives his State of the Union Address, who knows how the lunatic fringe will react.


As nice a sea day as we had on Wednesday, yesterday I hardly left our cabin. I did get a lot of reading done and managed not to eat a lot or drink any alcohol, but I rate yesterday as


It did not help my frame of mind that Apple did not even come close to meeting street expectations. Although it was over $5 yesterday, today it will probably lose more. However, one pundit disagrees, but this is the same guy who found a pile of manure under his Christmas tree and thought someone gave him a pony.

Well, I just turned on the market and, so far, it looks like there could be a pony. Market down but Apple up.


Finally got a hold of Bobby. He is on another Seabourn ship and has not had internet for three days. Seabourn has many, many loyal customers and they will continue to have those who eat and drink around the clock and to whom throwing more caviar at them does the trick. And, as I have said many times, the crew is fabulous and could not try harder to please or work with what they are given.

The top people could not be better, nicer or more hands on. I am realizing that cruise lines cannot be all things to all people, and those who still work simply cannot do it when the internet is either totally down or so weak, one cannot work.

Guest Services, headed by a Scottish lady Kyla does a great job. Luca, the top executive is the glue that holds the crew together and the Captain is also very hands on and friendly. I have seen more of him in the first few weeks of this cruise than I did of the Oceania Captains in several hundred days of cruising.

Seabourn also takes every precaution to safeguard the welfare of its passengers. Further, there are several guests in wheelchairs and walkers and I could never imagine how helpful and kind every single member of the crew is to these people. They are just terrific in every way which allows those with handicaps to participate in just about every activity.


We are skipping the Shabbat dinner and having dinner with our friends transplanted to Boca Raton from South Africa.

Still not resolved our problem with Australian immigration. All we want to do is get off the ship for one night to spend time with our friends in Perth


Congratulations to Josh Boies who will be going to Bates and playing football there.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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