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Friday, February 17, 2023

Friday we were in Suva. We loved it the first time we were there on our first around the world cruise, and we have not changed our minds. I had copious notes from our first visit so I knew we did not need a taxi or a tour or do much planning. However, again we got unbelievably lucky.

Before I write more about our day. the ship’s internet stopped working the moment we docked in Suva. It is supposed to start up again as soon as we leave, so I am writing this offline, and hope it can be posted more or less on a timely basis.

Our first stop was the indoor/outdoor vegetable and fruit market which is a very short walk from where we docked we found things much more expensive than they were three years ago.

My notes reflected that unpopped popcorn was available in this market. We found it upstairs. The proprietor remembers us as the last time we were there. He offered me a native drink which I had with him. He sold us three kilos of popcorn of $15. Then I saw a barrel of really good looking unsalted peanuts out of the shell but purchasable either with or without the skin. After tasting each, we bought half a kilo of the peanuts with the skin. When I asked ”how much?”, he said it was a gift.

We then started discussing what we wanted to do the rest of the day. I had brought my very good watch, a Piaget which is no longer made. The battery died, and even though it was a long shot it put it on in the hope that maybe there was a jeweler who could fix it. Many cannot.

Barbara wanted me to buy a Bula shirt which are only sold in a few places. She also wanted us to try to get haircuts. There is a barber on the ship but I would say mediocre at the best plus at a cost of about $50 a person, maybe more.

There is a very good department store in Suva with a great food court on the 4th floor. We had a great lunch there last visit and wanted to go again. The spice vendor from whom we bought the popcorn and received the peanuts as a gift told us that the woman who worked for him would, free of charge, escort us around town. Suva is no longer as safe as it was on the last visit. In fact, a member of the crew was accosted.

Anyway, we hit the jackpot again. After quite a long walk, we ended up in a jewelry store we could have never found. The proprietor was a master leveler who could be a superstar anywhere but chose to live in Fiji. He fixed my watch in less than half an hour. It was clear this guy really knew what he was doing. The charge was $7.50. It costs way over $50 in Fort Lauderdale and, generally, I have to leave the watch or wait more than an hour.

Our guide then took us to a really good barbershop. What would cost well over $100 in Florida cost us $25 for everything. We were told not to tip.

We then took our guide with us to lunch in the food court and had a really good lunch. We did not find the shirt until we were walking back to the ship . I walked about 8,000 steps but I cannot say it was easy. The neuropathy in my feet is acting up and I can hardly feel them. I am very unsure of steep steps which really are not that steep. By the time I get back to the ship I am exhausted and so, again, my dinner, was a scoop of sorbet to and a scoop of frozen yogurt which Barbara brought to me after going to the gym after walking around all day.

Still, think how unbelievably nicely we have been treated the last two days. I tipped this wonderful lady but she said it was too much. She kissed and hugged us both goodbye.


Today the ship stops at a tiny island called Dravuni. There are less than 200 people on the island, masks are required and you have to go in by tender. Not sure why Seabourn chose this port, but I would be surprised if I get off the ship.


Bad day in the market but maybe a worse day for some Republicans in Georgia particularly.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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As always, I look forward to your messages and enjoy hearing what the two of you are doing each day! 💕

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