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Friday, December 2, 2022

My friend and partner Steve Zack, whom I followed as President of The. Florida Bar and who later went on to be President of the ABA, taught me many things. One is that when you pack for vacation, take out all the clothes you think you need and all the money. Then, put back half the clothes and take out twice the money. Another thing he taught me is never fight with someone who buys ink in barrels. Whatever is written about me, I never respond to.


Yeah! The appeals court unanimously reversed Judge Cannon’s horrendous opinion appointing a Special Master. Two of the three judges on the panel were appointed by Trump. This is a big win for the Justice Department and a big loss for Trump although not unexpected.


Major surprise that Germany is out of World Cup.


The Senate easily approved the railroad legislation, thus averting a strike. The vote was 80 to 15. However, they defeated the sick leave legislation narrowly passed in the House. Do not like that result one bit.


Worked yesterday literally almost without stop from 5 a.m to 10 p.m but finally got the prenuptial agreement I was working on fully negotiated and signed. Did take off for a couple of hours to go to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. Otherwise, was almost totally glued to computer and telephone. It is, however, still great fun practicing law, particularly when something gets accomplished and I have a satisfied client.


Son Steven is home and had his first physical and occupational therapy. It is a long road back.


This morning Bobby has surgery. Keep your fingers crossed.


They wrote me from Seabourn and asked me how many boxes and bags we’re taking on a cruise that leaves January 6. I replied “See me on the 5th, and maybe, only maybe, I can answer."


Two of Trump’s lawyers have been ordered by a District Judge to testify. Trump has already announced he will be appealing. “Sue” used to be a proper name and now it is a verb.

“Appealing” used to be an adjective, and now it is also a verb.


Based on a court order, the last holdout county in Arizona certified the election. One of three members, a Republican, stayed home, but the remaining Republican and the Democrat immediately complied.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Kari Lake has still not conceded and is allegedly preparing to file a lawsuit. All these meritless litigations filed by Republicans around the country are clogging our judicial system, delaying access to the courts to people who deserve their day in court, and should be considered an abuse of process.

I would like to see laws coming out of the various state legislatures, which, among other things, assess fees and costs to the loser of litigation brought over elections.


Today we travel to Scarperia to have one of the great meals in a restaurant often named as one of the ten best steakhouses in the world. Scarperia was the sight of a WW2 battle, a place where essentially all the knives in Italy are made and, on Fridays, have a outdoor market. Many of our guests will recall the fireplace room here where we sit and watch the steaks being cooked.

There are over a dozen first courses on the table upon our arrival and Paulo always has special things for us. I have been there maybe 50 times, am one of their best and most loyal customers, but can never get in on weekends. They are sold out for years in advance. There is no menu. The restaurant has been in the same family for well over 100 years and was the American infirmary during the war.

The usual suspects are joining us. Gabriella, Gianni, Stefano, Luca, Robin and our saxophone playing driver Mauro.


Go Ukraine

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