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Friday, August 5, 2022

The biggest news is that it looks like Sinema, with a couple of tweaks, will sign on and we will get a really important piece of legislation. Vice President Harris will have to break the tie. This is HUGE, Keep your fingers crossed no Democrat gets sick and cannot show up to vote.


$4.1 million in compensatory damages could have been better, but I am not familiar enough with the evidence to have a valid opinion. Now we get to the punitive damages. Again, I need to know Jones’ net worth, but if I were on the jury, I would want to leave him penniless. Seriously, maybe 15% to 20% of his net worth would sufficiently punish him.


Waiting for blood test results again, but so far, so good. My heart rate was way down, edema receding, and blood pressure 124/70. Go back in a month.


De Santis has suspended the State Attorney in Hillsborough County for being soft on crime. The State Attorney had previously announced he was not gong to prosecute the law prohibiting sex change of a minor and other laws..

Take whatever side of the underlying issue you want, the important thing is our Governor does not care what his constituents want. He governs in accordance with only what he wants. It may not be this time, or next time, but there will come a time when your ox gets gored, and by then it will be too late. DeSantis will have amassed so much power, that he can tell every Floridian to go f—k themselves -- this is the law according to me.

I loved the quote from the State Attorney: “Just because the Governor violates your rights does not mean they don’t exist”.


Most of you are not ready for Hungary’s President. He is now the new darling of the far right conservatives, but he is nothing but a Nazi. And to all my Jewish friends and family, never ever forget that it is only a matter of time when they come after the Jews. It was not that long ago that Japanese Americans were herded into concentration camps. Listen to me. I am not blowing smoke! It could happen easily.


Talk is Mattingly is not a cinch to manage Marlins next year. He is a very good baseball man and not his fault the team is mediocre.


I never really focused on what a shit hole the State of Kentucky really is. Alabama, Mississippi, okay. they have towns with one DNA, but Kentucky has bourbon, the Derby, Louisville bats, and some really outstanding people. McConnnell and Paul together are lethal, and their law enforcement could not be worse. How a Democrat got to be Governor is a miracle, as is a Black Attorney General. Geez!


Writing most of this in the middle of the night. Could not sleep because took a three hour nap Thursday afternoon. Even though things went very well at doctor’s, I find it very enervating to go and I cannot keep my head up once I get done what really has to get done. That I can still do.

Barbara never naps. Maybe once a week, after getting up to work at 3 a.m. she will go back to bed from 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 or so, but that is it.


I did then go for a walk with Barbara and she was very pleased with my pace. I am improving. Walking outdoors is different than walking on a treadmill.


Off to the airport in a few hours to meet my baseball buddies in Chicago. We spend two nights there and then go to Kansas City early Sunday morning for a game that afternoon. Barbecue Sunday night and home Monday.

Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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