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Friday, August 26, 2022

Costco stock went up $7.55 on Thursday. Despite rumors to the contrary, this rise was not due entirely to Barbara’s pilgrimage, on which I accompanied her due to her broken wrist. Sometimes one has to learn to shop hurt.

I sat in the food court waiting for Barbara. It took all the will power I could muster, but I resisted telling each of the dozens of people I watched eating hot dogs that they were eating way too much sodium and could end up being hospitalized.

Also of note, Costco is now serving only yellow mustard. They used to also serve spicy brown mustard. Maybe it was available on request.


Some nerve: yesterday, I received a text which said “OFFICIAL MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP"

Would you vote for President Trump a THIRD TIME?

The man belongs in jail but whether he ends up there or not, yesterday he was not President. He should be charged with impersonating a sane person.


Before we get to VOTE VOTE VOTE we need to concentrate on REGISTER REGISTER REGISTER.

Ladies lead the way and bring along some men, not just some other women.

Remember Chris Rock’s routine about the famous “pussy strike” of 2013? It is a very funny routine but also very relevant.


Waiting for the redacted affidavit. May have it before posting this.


The 8th Circuit upheld the lower court’s injunction with respect to Arkansas’s law banning gender-affirming care for minors. Yeah!

On that same subject, take a look at what is going on in Oklahoma. For sure, the patients are in charge of the asylum.


Lesson of the day: no single answer Is correct for every single question, but I suggest that when you're asked why someone did something or said something, start your response with, “Why does a dog lick his balls?". "Because he can." Keep track and my bet is “because he or she can” will answer the majority of questions.


Stock market futures are down. Euro and dollar still at parity.

Obviously, I prefer the market to be up everyday, but I, particularly, like it to be up on Fridays.


Have to go make sangria for Barbara’s lunch guests. I am invited to join but not sure I fit.


Trainer comes about 9:30 a.m.


Tonight Marlins v Dodgers with daughter Beth and son Steven. We need to be on time or game could be over by the time we get there. Dodgers have an awesome lineup.


My “edit post” ability is back.


Go Ukraine and vote as if you life depended upon it.

Postscript to Friday:

I received another text from “President Trump”.

This man is NOT the President. Whether he ever should have been or whether he should be in the future, is not relevant to this post.

If is indisputable that he not the President NOW and I would like a ground swell of Facebook readers so indicating.

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