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Friday, August 19, 2022

One of the mantras of any seasoned trial lawyer is, “Always give your opponent a chance to make a mistake”. It seems to me that the Republicans are making multiple mistakes. As a Democrat who sees our Democracy on the brink of crumbling I am, of course, thrilled. My problem now is that some of the mistakes appear to be so blatant that I am afraid I am missing something.

Does Trump think he can wave a wand that declassifies documents? Is the argument that the FBI should be defunded going to catch on with anyone except the staunchest cultist? Are Dr. Oz and Hershel Walker the best candidates to take back the Senate?

He is a slime ball but a smart one, and McConnell has realized that his chances of regaining the leadership of the Senate are dwindling.

With each abortion horror story, even some Republican State Legislators that were quick to pass strict laws banning most, sometimes all abortions, are having second thoughts.

Trump is going to have many more bad “legal days”. For how long are the Republicans who have embraced the Big Lie going to continue to hitch themselves to a falling star? Where is Perry Como when we need him? (He sang “ Catch a Falling Star”).

Another mind boggler is why the people, many who cannot afford it, keep writing checks to help billionaire Trump pay his legal bills. Anyone out there who is sick, if you send me $50 I will send you a magic potion that will make you better. Donald Trump personally guarantees this representation.

What would happen if Warren Buffet or Bill Gates got sued? Think anyone would look to contribute to their legal expenses?


A Federal Judge temporarily blocked DeSantis’ “Stop-Woke Law”. No doubt there will be an appeal“.


Meanwhile DeSantis is totally out of control trying to scare felons who have had their right to vote restored so they will not vote. He arrested some in Broward County today.

Meanwhile, the Florida Senate is stepping back from the firing of the Hillsborough State Attorney. Waiting to see what happens in the appeal just filed.


The Federal Magistrate in the Trump case in Palm Beach neither unsealed the file or kept it sealed. He has asked the DOJ to submit a proposed redacted Affidavit, which he will consider. Apparently the Judge gave a lot of weight to the public’s right to know at least something.


Why is Matt Gaetz still walking the streets?


Florida’s Senator Scott is doing his best to join his colleague Marco Rubio on the Superschmuck list of Republican Senators.


Drove Barbara to a couple of polling places. While driving around received a call from Grandson Jaden that he and his sister were available for lunch today, and they are picking me up at 1:00 so I do not even have to drive. I have to pay, but why is this day different………….?


No trainer today but trained first four days of week. Scheduled for Saturday, but that does not always happen.


Futures are way down this morning.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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