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Friday, April 8, 2022

I told Barbara that some woman in Iowa upset with the war between Russia and Ukraine choked her eight-year-old son to death. Her response was, “No one needs to know that”. I liked that and think it has more universal application. There are a lot of things no one needs to know.


53 to 47 is better than losing. Nonetheless, a disgrace. Maybe some miracle will occur and Thomas will leave the Court but it better happen fast.


Yesterday I did the best I have done since arriving in Italy. I walked about 6500 steps without trouble. After picking up my lost wallet, which was mailed by the restaurant in Arezzo to Stefano’s hotel, Barbara and I went shopping for the first time. We both did well. I had a credit at Missoni and went to use it. Did that and a little more. On the same street is a woman’s store that is very nice and very reasonably priced, and Barbara got some nice things that will be good for the summer and for our upcoming cruise.

We then went to a never nice bar and I had my first drinks—two Aperol spritzes. The food put out was not the healthiest, but we ate it, and it was enough for dinner. Barbara worked some on our return. I went to bed. Even though my alcohol consumption was quite small, I could feel it because I had not had a drink in about a month. Our routine yesterday was as close to normal as we have experienced on this visit, because up to now I just could not beat the cold or virus I had. Now all is fine, although the Olympic Committee has not yet contacted me.


This Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota, is a very dangerous woman. Watch out for her, as she is “Trouble”; with a capital “T”. Scary, very scary. I mean in the Ron DeSantis class of scary.


Finally made a few bucks back in the market on Thursday, but it has not been a good week. April is historically a good month in the market, but with a war taking place, all bets are off in term of projecting what will happen.

I am still waiting for much harsher sanctions against Putin, and much more help for Ukraine. Looks like the latter may be getting done.


I may be in the minority, but I do not to see either the House or the Senate on any kind of recess or vacation. There is just way too much to do, and we are running out of time to do it. Everything that can be put on a fast track has got to be there. Hear me, Attorney General Garland?


By 2 to 1, a panel from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a Texas Federal District Judge appointed by Trump, and reinstated Biden’s Mandate requiring federal employees to be vaccinated. One for the not-good guys and gals, but for the guys and gals who are right. How vaccinations can still be an issue boggles my mind.


On the 14th of April, I have my first dental appointment to have the work on two implants completed. The work was started last December when I called the doctor’s office to ask how soon, if at all, I had to stop taking my blood thinner. I was told “7 days”. I was not happy with that answer, which made no sense to me, so I asked to have the doctor call me. Within 15 minutes, I received a call back and 7 days became 2 days. One should not just accept every answer. If the answer makes no sense, question it.


Lindsey Graham was not on the Senate floor for the Supreme Court vote. Excuse: he did not have the required tie. What a schmuck!


Go Ukraine

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