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Friday, April 7, 2023

The people of Tennessee should be hanging their head in shame. I am sure the fat lady has not yet sung on this issue. Let us hope that however it happens, that these two Black Legislators are able to reclaim their seats What happened is so terrible that, hopefully, people will become mobilized and that these horrible expulsions are a springboard to positive change. One problem I have is that I no longer have the confidence in our judiciary system I once had. Nonetheless, many good decisions are beginning to emerge as Biden’s judicial appointments are turning the conservative tide. Standby.

P.S. And something must be said about the white Democratic legislator who was not expelled. She sure called it straight when asked “why?” .Her response: “the color of my skin”. All Americans should be outraged. —————————- A very quiet sea day yesterday and expect another one today. Market was closed for Good Friday so no ticker tape to watch, and the only news story seemed to be the travesty in Tennessee. I just cannot imagine what those jerks were thinking. I know a lot of extraordinary people in Tennessee and I just cannot imagine how they are putting up with what is happening. Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, DeSantis’s Florida? Okay, lunacy is the standard, but I never realized that Tennessee could be so bad. Learn something every day. —————————— Thank you Julie Ann. She will know what I mean. —————————

I saw on Facebook that Billy Stritch had his boyhood piano for sale. I expect that only cabaret aficionados, mostly New Yorkers ever heard of Billy Stritch. There is a lot of talent in this world. Few have as much talent as Billy. If you are ever in New York City, find out if heis performing an Go, Go Go. Monday nights he is, generally at Birdland. He also is the conductor/arranger/pianist for many of the headlines at 54 Below. I have followed him for years and am in awe of his talent. Here's a video of him performing: ————————— Been listening more and more to Jerry Lee Lewis and Merle Haggard. They are very, very different but both geniuses. In a sense, even with all their accolades, they were not as appreciated as their talent dictates. Of course, both were flawed individuals, but I think (a) one has to separate the art from the artist; and (b) almost all great music whatever the genre, was created by flawed individuals. Actually, everyone is flawed except you and me and I am not so sure about you. —————————— Amazing that, with so few games played, there is only one undefeated major league baseball team. Tampa Bay is 6-0. ————————- Why are we still talking about the withdrawal from Afghanistan? There just have to be more important issues for our politicians to address. ———————— Jobs report was pretty good. First time I can recall the report coming out on a day when the stock market closed. ————————— Where is the Governor of Tennessee?Have not heard a peep from him although I could have missed it. In fact, where are the “sane Republicans” anywhere. I may have just come up with my new favorite oxymoron. ————————— I normally do not have any thoughts about people are transgender as far as I am concerned, any human being can be any gender they want to be. I have, however, not fully resolved in my mind the issue of transgender people competing in some sports. I would be interested in how my readers feel about some of these matters. Is it relevant which sport? Is there a difference for a man who is now a woman than for a woman that is now a man? I really do not have any definitive views and wish to be educated. —————————- Two more sea days before we reach the Seychelles. A day in two different ports there, then two more sea days before reach Zanzibar which represents a late itinerary change and where we spend several days. I have no idea what we will do. I know some of our gay passengers are reluctant to even get off the ship. Soon they maybe afraid to come to Florida sowby should Zanzibar be different? I will advise as soon as possible whether Zanzibar or Florida, and maybe Tennessee are worse. ————————- See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ————————- Go Ukraine

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