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Friday, April 22, 2022

Trump has to pay over $1.3 million in fees in a non-disclosure suit he brought and lost against a former aide. My bet, but no way to prove it, is that Trump has entered into more NDA’s than any other person walking this earth. Just think about the fact that Trump has been divorced twice, but the divorce files are sealed, and there has never been one peep out of either ex-wife. In Florida, it is almost impossible to seal a divorce file, but the law in New York, where Trump was divorced, is different.


Something my friend Scott Feder wrote triggered this thought. If all 80,000 Disney employees voted against De Santis, he could easily lose.


Yesterday was spent traveling to Ferrara and eating. Our friend Jalayne took pictures which I shared along with a description of the lunch. Weather was much colder than expected so when we finished a three-plus hour lunch and went to our hotel, we stayed in for the evening.


Marlins finally scored some runs and won 5 to O.


Market started out well and then tanked.


Isn’t tape a wonderful thing? Kevin McCarthy vehemently denies saying “x” but there he is on tape saying “x”. Of course, the tape must be false and a liberal plot to undermine Trump.

Will there ever come a day when the Republicans wake up and realize that Trump is a mad man and must be dumped?


No time to write more today.


Go Ukraine

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