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Five Easy Pieces

To understand this, you need to be familiar with the movie “Five Easy Pieces”. If you are not, go to U Tube and look at “diner scene” and watch Jack Nicholson try to get whole wheat toast.

Today I had lunch with my good friend Ed Snyder at Yolo. We each ordered a roasted chicken sandwich. It came with fries which I told the waitress I do not eat. She said I could replace the fries with a salad. I asked if I could have Cole slaw instead. I was told they did not have a side of Cole slaw. I pointed to the menu above and said “I will also have the grilled fish sandwich, hold the bread, the fish the kimchi tartar the pickle and the red onion and just bring me the slaw” pointing to where it clearly said slaw.

Nicholson never got his wheat toast and I never got my slaw, but I did get to eat lunch and Nicholson did not.


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