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February 28, 2022


Some Governors are asking the liquor stores to remove Russian vodka from their shelves. Ingenious, but many brands of what we think are Russian products are actually made someplace else and own by non Russian companies .

Still, it is a good sign that anti Russian sentiment is growing. Technology is both a blessing and a curse,. It JDS almost as if Russia’s economy can virtually be shutdown by pushing not that many buttons on a computer, but the reverse is also true which meansRussia can do us a lot of damage.

The question to which I do not know the answer is whether one country Russia can do as much damage to us as most of the rest of the countries in the world can do to Russia. ———————— How about those Ukrainians who told the Russian soldier “to go f—k” yourself?” Ukraine is winning the hearts of the world with their patriotism and spunk. In the meantime, back at the ranch in the United States, Governor DeSantis mocked the President by referring to ”The Brandon administration”. How despicable is that, how disrespectful. Florida’s Governor truly has no socially redeeming value. I wish there were a way to make the man disappear. ———————- Things are getting crazier. Now, Putin has issued a military threat to Finland and Sweden. Neither country is a member of NATO. That could change in the near future. ——————.—- Barbara and I had lunch with son Steven and his two children on Steven’s 52nd birthday. Then all of us except Barbara had dinner at daughter Beth’s. Barbara came home to work even though it was Sunday ————————— Early this morning the stock futures are down. I look but no longer conclude, based upon what I see what kind of day it will be. —————————- Talks are scheduled to take place today between Russia and Ukraine. Putin seems to be getting more unhinged by the minute so I am not optimistic. I have growing confidence in Ukraine’s President who is not turning out to be just another pretty face. ———————— The Russian Ruble has already crashed 30%. The financial chaos has already set in for Russia. I have no idea how the rest of the financial markets will be effected, but I would be really surprised if anything good happens. ———————— I have my fingers crossed that everyone will behave Tuesday night for Biden’s State of the Union. The entire world will be watching. Again,I am not optimistic. There are too many really bad boys and girls who call themselves Republicans, but are nothing more than hoodlums. At least a few sane Republicans are beginning to speak out, but not nearly enough.

As I wrote “sane Republican” I thought to myself “another great oxymoron. Maybe better than “jumbo shrimp”. ————————- Cannot explain why, but last night I had the urge to listen to “A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation”. It brings back a lot of memories and I always loved Marty Robbins. There is another “flower” song I always liked by Mickey Gilley (and others) called “A Roomful of Roses”.

Then, Bobby Darin’s “Artificial Flowers” was also a favorite. Few recall that song is actually from a Broadway show entitled “Tenderloin”.

Remember, it is never too late to have a happy childhood. Keep rooting for Ukraine. See you tomorrow.

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I miss being able to simply “Like” your posts, as it’s so easy to do on Facebook. You are wise and funny. I love being able to spend a bit os each day with you.

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