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February 25, 2022

· Putin attacked the Ukraine full force last night at the same time the UN Security Council was scheduled to meet about how to head off a war. Of course, the chair of the UN Security Council is Russia...

What I do know is that I am sick over the fact that our politicians have not been able to unify even when another world war is a distinct possibility. For any American to take favor Putin over Biden is, I think the most disgraceful thing to have happened since our domestic madman Me.Trump came on the scene. He is one very sick unpatriotic puppy. Sorry I have no panacea for what ails us. I have none and do not know anyone who does. ——————————- Going down to Joe’s for lunch today to meet a good friend. Unfortunately, I am very limited to what I can eat even more so than usual. My doctors are adjusting the medications I take and I gain some weight I need to take off before things get out of hand. —————————- Barbara continues to work around the clock. The big event she has been working on for FTX is March 13. I am trying to get my Wife to take the sign off her desk that says “damn it’s Friday already”. ——————————- Almost impossible to believe that the stock market ended up yesterday after being down about 800 points. There is just no way to know what will happen on any given day. I always liked the expression “Mondaymorning quarterbacks never lost a game”, and that is true about all the stock market pundits. They can easily explain things after they happen. Everybody I heard was convinced the oil stocks would be the one sector to improve. Oil stocks went down.

Futures are down again today as this goes to press. —————————-. It is being predicted that Biden will nominate Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson. The reason is that the Court she sits on which is the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia announced a 2 to 1 decision on a day that the Court does not usually announce decisions. Jackson was in the majority. Had the decision not been announced before she was nominated, he vote would not have counted so the court announced early to avoid a deadlock. Obviously, that could be overthinking the situation. —————————- Sally Kellerman, of “Mash” fame died at age 84. I loved the television show, particularly the early episodes, but I loved the movie even more. —————————- I will spend most of Saturday trying to learn how to put these postings on my new website. I am surprised I have gotten as far as I have. —————————- My trainer is MIA this week. Hopefully, he will reappear shortly. —————————- Another month has just flown by. Sunday is our youngest son’s birthday. He is a vegan so who knows where we will end up eating. If we were in India, no problem. Even I could be a vegan there. —————————— Have a nice day and root for Ukraine.

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