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February 24, 2022

I wrote the paragraph above early Wednesday morning. I am writing this paragraph watching the 7 pm talk shows, hearing that Trump called Putin a genius and says Putin is beating Biden like adrum. Someone should, pardon my French, beat the shit out of Trump. Apparently the right wing Republicans are on Putin’s side. How crazy is that? ————————— I became so disgusted with what is going on that last night I refused to watch any news on television. Consequently, I have nothing more to say with respect to current events. It is apparently settled that Ukraine has no nuclear weapons and Russia does. NATO countries have pledged to help Ukraine. At least one country in NATO has nuclear weapons. Does the promised help include arming Ukraine? Asking for a friend ——————————- Biden is supposed to name his Supreme Court nominee in the next three days. I understand there are three candidates, and although Biden has not conferred with me, I have an opinion.

My last main reason is also the most politically practical. Jim Clyburn is very much in favor of Childs and pushing very hard. Biden owes Clyburn big time. In fact, he owes him his Presidency, which ordinarily would be a big marker. With Republicans favoring Putin and telling Biden to go f—k himself, the marker is not as big. —————————- The Republicans accused Biden of looking feeble as he walked away from the podium after speaking to the nation on TV this week. Maybe they expected him to do somersaults. In any event, can you imagine what they would say about FDR’s wheelchair? What schmucks! —————————- We are still working on my website. Lots of things need to be corrected or changed. Nonetheless, the person who has helped me the most, Barbara’s cousin Carol, is more than pleased with the number of responses. She labeled it “a flood”.

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