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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Today is actually Sunday which is good because I have thought it was Sunday since Friday. With the holidays falling as they did this year, I was constantly mixed up as to the day of the week. Yesterday, I reminded my Wife of the time so that she would not miss the only television show she really likes and watches regularly——-“Sunday Morning”. Only problem is that it was Saturday morning. Oh well.


David Boies IV reminded me that our annual Christmas trip which begins today is our 34th consecutive trip of two families. That is kind of remarkable don’t you think? I met David Boies the first week of law school in September 1962 and we have never been mad at each other. We have a remarkable friendship that is really indescribable -- so I will not even try.

Hopefully, when we the two patriarchs (and payors) in our respective families go to that great courtroom in the sky, a member of each of our families will find a way to continue the tradition, but neither David nor I can ever know despite his genius.

I think it was yesterday that our daughter Beth, who is the coordinator of this annual vacation, told me that I could never die. I hate disappointing her but…… I am reminded that Charlie Munger, now 97, said that he only wanted to know one thing: where he is going to die, so that he just won’t go there. What would I do if the answer for me were “Las Vegas? I guess go to Reno.


I have no more birthday checks to write for a couple of months and all my annual charitable donations have been made. I hope that all of you, no matter what your financial circumstances, give something to those less fortunate

My first legal mentor was Stanley Beckerman,. He was a phenomenal lawyer and he helped me in so many ways, you would not believe it if I told you, so I will not. When I asked him how I could repay him, he said “just be charitable”. When I really had nothing, in fact, bankrupt by the legal definition, I went to the bank to borrow $5000 to give to charity. You do not have to be that crazy, but please help others.

I cringe when I hear “charity starts at home”. It starts there but should not end there. I confess that the first time I look at a new client’s tax returns, before I look at anything else, I look at charitable donations and that is how I initially judge the character of the client

I end this small lecture with a true story I always liked. A friend of mine was solicited for a charitable donation by a very distinguished man, allegedly the wealthiest in our area. He pressed very hard. My friend responded along these lines: “Sir, do you expect me to give you more respect than I give my own Father”? The response was “Of course not,” to which my friend responded, “Well, I would not let my own Father tell me what to do with my money”.


I will miss the New England v Buffalo game, or at least the first half, driving to Marco Island but I really have no choice.

Hope you all gave a nice day.

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