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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

My good friend and follower Bruce Wilder sent me a terrific article by Paul Krugman entitled “What We Lose If We Don’t Build Back Better”. Bruce attached it to his comment to yesterday’s post so it is easy to access for those who take my recommendation to read it.

However, for those who wait for the comic book version of any even semi-erudite writing, here is my quandary put in the simplest manner. The Republicans unanimously object to BBB claiming it is taking the Country down the road to socialism. Of course, 99% of those using the term “socialism” have absolutely no idea of what they are talking about. It is no more than a buzz word to rile up the tattooed, unvaccinated racists who cannot even spell the term.

How can one reconcile this position with the fact that the stock market, perhaps one of the few bastions of capitalism still remaining, is rooting for BBB? The market tanked at the prospect that the Bill was dead. How can that be?

Let me reiterate that my comments are overly simplistic, made to make the point that the majority of Americans favor the bill. There is really no question, for example, that by passing the Bill, we would be mortgaging the future of generations to come. The question is whether by doing so, the benefits gained now are worth it.


I did some real exercise yesterday for the first time in weeks taking advantage of the fact that I did not have constant pain in my foot. I spent 20 minutes on the elliptical and was glad I did. I will try to do it today as well.


Daughter Beth’s birthday went well. The Heat blew out the Pacers. Son Steven drove Barbara and me along with his two children. That was a huge godsend because driving and parking are a nightmare. I have no problem driving to the Dolphin games, or to the Marlin games although that is far from a easy drive, but the Heat games are a different story.

We were given a box with 16 seats that included parking passes, and Steven did a great job driving so travel went very smoothly. By the way, they had valet parking, the basic cost for which was $55. I say “basic” because if $55 is all you pay, the wait could be undeterrable. Thus, in order to get your car back within some reasonable time, one has to pay extra for priority retrieval. My best guess, knowing the market and seeing all the high-priced cars, is that the average cost to valet park is $100. That is just to park. The tickets are very expensive, and a Corona beer is $12.50. Professional basketball is not for the faint of heart.

Son Charles and his family had to cancel coming because grandchild Alanna is sick and grandson Ryan is having finger surgery this morning. I will be a nervous wreck until I know he is okay. Barbara and I had a really nice visit with Ryan yesterday afternoon. He is much less nervous than I am.


I can hardly wait to see what the January 6 Committee does with Rep. Perry, who has announced that he will cooperate in no manner, shape or form. I am told that this is totally uncharted territory and that there are really no precedents upon which either side can rely.


Related to the numerous witnesses asserting their 5th amendment privilege, here is some food for thought. Think of this as “The Fifth Amendment for Dummies”.

Our Constitution provides that, in a CRIMINAL case, one has the right to refuse to answer questions in order to avoid incriminating oneself. If one does invoke this privilege, the law further provides that no negative or adverse conclusions can be drawn by the refusal to answer. Despite these basic principles, it is not uncommon to think “Well, if they had nothing to hide, they would answer” but, as a matter of law that is wrong.

However, in a CIVIL case, although the privilege still exists, if it is invoked, negative or adverse conclusions can be drawn. I would not be surprised if the average Republican voter has no idea of what I am talking about. How could they if about 60% maintain that the election was stolen from Trump.

Have a nice day

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