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Can Americans Expect Justice?

Trump's pardon of Gen. Mike Flynn made me wonder if there's any justice anymore.

Can Americans Expect Justice?

This is the saddest day of my professional life as a lawyer. From the day I graduated from law school, I have always respected the rule of law. I quit my first job with a Wife and child and no other job in sight because I refused to sign an affidavit I did not know to be true. My parents and Barbara’s parents had to send money to us each month so we could live. When I finally got a new job, I earned $440 per month.

Finally, when earning the grand sum of $500, but now with two children, knowing almost no one in Florida, and knowing very little about how to be a lawyer, I hung up a shingle in Hollywood, Florida. I began to build a practice that almost everyone in my legal community said was impossible to do.

In 55 years, I have never done anything I thought was unethical or failed to try to do my best for my clients, but always within the reasonable bounds of advocacy. I never misled a client or a judge.

By many standards, I became a success. My colleagues recognized me as an outstanding lawyer and in 1990 elected me President of The Florida Bar. I have always been proud of being a lawyer and am still working full time after 55 years. Being a lawyer is very much a part of my essence. Put on my tombstone “Husband, Father, Grandfather, Friend and Lawyer” and that’s everything there is to say about me.

As those who have read my posts know, I am a liberal. I do not like or respect The President and I think four more years of a Republican administration will destroy the Federal Judiciary as I want it to be. Okay, millions of people think differently than I, and although I do not agree, I accept these differences of opinion. After all, we are supposed to be a free country governed by the rule of law.

This morning I realized that all of this has been destroyed. Former National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn pled guilty in open court. Both the President and Vice President said he lied under oath and had to be fired at the time. As of today, however, they say he is a great American, the FBI are “scum”, and they committed “treason”. Our Attorney General is a disgrace, and our President is worse. How can our citizens expect that justice will be served?

I am beyond sad.

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