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American Friends of Florence Music

“Your support of American Friends of Florence Music (AFFM) contributes towards maintaining one of the crucial wellsprings of not only Italian, but world musical culture.”                                       Zubin Mehta, Honorary Chairman of AFFM

American Friends of Florence Music (AFFM) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in the USA.

We're a group of culturally-engaged Americans who created AFFM with the goals of:

  • Helping the city of Florence, this acclaimed capital of world culture, protect, develop and promote its outstanding musical life and heritage. 

  • Providing support to prominent Italian musical organizations such as Amici della Musica di Firenze and Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino for the continued realization in Florence of world-class musical events and projects and for their promotion internationally. 

  • Ensuring collaboration between established Florentine musical institutions and major American orchestras, performers and educational organizations.  

  • Promoting attendance of operas and classical concerts by the many hundreds of American and foreign study-abroad students living in Florence in an effort to draw them closer to the roots of the great Italian music tradition.  

  • Raising the awareness among the millions of annual visitors to Florence of the exceptional quality and variety of musical offerings in the city. 

In this era of mass tourism, when Florence is under threat of becoming just a spectacular backdrop for another selfie, the activities of AFFM help to ensure that this city, a treasure that belongs not only to Italy but also to the whole world, will remain culturally active, vibrant and thriving. 

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